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Recent content by newfarmer

  1. N

    John Deere tractors, R or E?

    So oddly enough, we just recently got a 2038R... Mainly, its a little higher end, little tougher in my opinion. (my wife wanted it because the upgraded seat, she had back surgery, she wins). My understanding of everything we went through to get our decision made, literally the only difference...
  2. N

    Pickup hoist

    I have a buddy who puts a sheet a plywood in his bed, and has eyelets on the "bottom" side when its on the ground. Then he uses straps and winches it in basically (he uses an atv winch) I doubted him when he told me, but it works slick.
  3. N

    First Cat

    I think we saw our first one in Allamakee 2 or 3 years ago, I would have to go back and look at the video... never had problems shooting turkeys until this year......
  4. N

    Brush cutter brain storm!

    Ive seen multiple people do that around here, they say it works amazing. The one time I tried it, was a huge fail but was literally trying to piece things together with what I had in my truck....might have to give it another go... awesome job!
  5. N

    Public Land Access

    I know in South Dakota you have to be completely off the traveled portion of the roadway, that includes the shoulder too. Im not sure what the law technically is in Iowa. Or if there is any such law at all. I got a warning in South Dakota while antelope hunting because I was 8” into the...
  6. N

    Upside App

    I use it for my fleet- adds up quickly. Never thought about sending the code to others though
  7. N

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    We sent teeth in for a deer we had hunted for 6 years, and got told it was 6 1/2...mind you, when we started hunting him he was 150 type 8 pt... (we figured he was 8 1/2 from all the history on the old farm we had) Another one we sent the teeth in on, they also claimed 6 1/2 years. I had hunted...
  8. N

    Food plotting

    I have a 40hp JD. I have access to 65 and bigger HP tractors but those start to get to big for my small plots. My 2 biggest plots are just under 2 acres each, and then I have 4 that are at that acre size. So total of 8ish acres currently -I might take on my buddies plots too. As far as seed, I...
  9. N

    Food plotting

    So I’m shifting some of my equipment to make it “easier” for food plotting and I’m contemplating some 3 pt tillage pieces (just can’t justify no till yet). I’m looking at a field cultivator or a disc, but not sure which one I’d prefer. Thoughts or opinions? Anyone else using 3 pt stuff for some...
  10. N

    Backpack Sprayers

    Anyone use one? Really thinking about making the switch versus carrying in one hand. What are some good ones?
  11. N

    What types of farm equipment is needed to plant on a farm

    Depends on the end game with it honestly. You could get by with just a pull behind ATV spreader, but really it depends on how many acres we are talking and truthfully what you want out of it.
  12. N

    Foodplot tractor

    So we recently went through this on our new property. We decided to go with a 2038R John Deere. I wanted to go the next series bigger, but the 2 series had a few conveniences that are better suited in the end game. We have an ATV and all the equipment, and I can tell you that I work the _hi_ out...
  13. N

    Sunflower plots?

    We planted sunflowers last year, deer ate them right away, then didnt touch them until snow...then I found several antlers in the plots....nothing in my beans and corn....
  14. N

    N of Iowa City trespasser

    If there is an easement of any sort (gas line or power) they will send out blanket notices most of the time saying they will be in an area from- "here to here" -but they dont have to either as long as its been documented correctly. We had some just happen to come through during shed season, and...
  15. N

    Turkey tag?

    *update* There was a printing issue where he got his license. Him and his buddy had tags that didnt specify which season they were actually going to hunt. They called and got it all taken care of. Thanks everyone!
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