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Recent content by northwoods whitetails

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    30 Days Since Planting Brassicas

    Ours at 4 weeks in Upper Michigan. You can see that the plot is in the dbltree strips. We added 50 pounds of winter peas ( inoculated) to the planting to see if the will help the growing brassica with the nitrogen they produce. Some volunteer rye and oats are in there as well but don’t seem to...
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    Egyptian Wheat

    Ha Figured it out..
  3. N

    Egyptian Wheat

    I can’t figure out posting pics on this site, sorry not very tech savvy. They don’t eat the sorghum we use. A plant nip here or there , but this screen has zero deer food in it. The product is called Food Plot Screen. http://www.northwoodswhitetails.com/product/food-plot-screen
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    Egyptian Wheat

    We may have found a sorghum that will still stand well into the winter. I tried a variety last year and it was still standing this April after a tough Upper Michigan winter. Anxious to see how it does this year.
  5. N


    Sligh We only do conventional. RR beets are a no no in food plots (Monsanto’s words, not mine). If they were cleared for plots, I could sell a lot of them. But for a late season plot, they are pretty impressive.
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    Plot screening

    We now use a combo of 2 different hybrid Sorghums and a bit of Egyptian Wheat in our screens. I am not a big fan of food in screens, so I stay away from the food type sorghum and sunn hemp. We also have Egyptian Wheat if anyone is looking. www.northwoodswhitetails.com
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    They absolutely destroy them up here in Upper Michigan. I would love to see what a 5 acre plot of them would produce in December. Conventional beets are a chore to grow, but deer love them in our region.
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    Dbltree's Photobucket Account

    Count me in. I talked with Jesse a few months ago and I thought it was $300 a year if I remember correctly.
  9. N


    Ours have taken a beating for the last 3 weeks. It’s amazing to watch the deer decimate a large plot in a short period.
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    Hog Radish and Austrian Pea Mix Planted in Spring?

    Paul’s strip planting seems to be tough to beat. Look through his grain thread and he talked about summer droughts and how he delt with them.
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    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Last 1000 pounds of cereal grains going into the ground in Upper Michigan today. Deer love this portion of the dbltree mix up here.
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    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Started on the grain rotation this weekend. Tilled under the oats/berseem clovers for the radish/red clover/ oats/peas/rye part. Deer will be eating well soon. A week old oat/white clover planting has browsing on it already.
  13. N

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Mowed the rye/red clover today. 4 foot tall rye full of deer beds. I had my dad ride ahead of me to bump the fawns out of the way. One month before tilling it all under for brassica.
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