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Recent content by Obsessed

  1. Obsessed


    So a funny thing happened. My clover came in thick early this spring, after repeated mowing last season. The mowing killed back many of the weeds without spraying chemical. I let the clover go with the anticipation of baling it this year. After it got to be around 12" tall, out popped a thick...
  2. Obsessed

    Big sheds- dead deer, part of skull attached...

    I know for a fact what killed that buck. Me. I did. I shot him the last day of late muzzy season. I was sick to my stomach and looked for him for days. Thanks for finding him for me. Where can I pick up the skull and rack? ;)
  3. Obsessed

    Wyoming Shed Hunting - News Article FAKE NEWS ABOUT ME!

    Defamation law suit all the way! To save the next person. KGAB will think twice about doing it again in the future. Any cash put into your pocket is an added bonus.
  4. Obsessed


    My neighbor will bale it when he bales his and other pastures around mine. I won't get a ton of bales, but enough to feed my couple of pets through winter. I heat with a large outside wood burner (boiler), so I have more than enough wood ash that can be used in place of potash, but my soil tests...
  5. Obsessed


    I've tried to establish alfalfa 3 different times and a perennial food plot mix once or twice (can't recall) over the past couple of years. I had a bunch of grass and weeds in my pasture last year, so I mowed it frequently. The clover seemed to really get a good foot hold toward the end of the...
  6. Obsessed

    1st September Buck back from Taxi

    Love those early season capes. Youth season produces the best ones here in IA. I've harvested a few nice ones in early October too. The only down side is they dont have the huge rutted out necks. Looks nice!
  7. Obsessed

    Iowa Shotgun season dates

    Shotgun Deer 1: Always begins Saturday of the first full weekend in December and runs 5 days from Saturday through Wednesday. Shotgun Deer 2: Always begins the following Saturday and runs 9 days through the following Sunday.
  8. Obsessed

    SSB1253 Another kick at the forest reserve program can

    This bill is idiotic on so many different levels.
  9. Obsessed

    Turkey Hunting - Something to Consider

    I don't know about the rest of you, but this REALLY pisses me off. I can't honestly say that if my kids and I found ourselves in the same situation that I wouldn't have shot the prick. Wow. This one rattled me.
  10. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    We're all better off as a whole when certain people die young. It is NOT ILLEGAL in the state of Iowa for a deer being processed to no longer have the transportation tag on it. I have personally had COs inspect my processing in the past where tags are no longer present on hanging deer...
  11. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    It only takes the smallest amount of dog poop to ruin an entire batch of potato salad. It's a hard pass on the polluted potato salad for me, thanks. I refuse to be wrongly accused of breaking the law by d-bags, with no repercussion for their actions. No guarantees, but this might be the last you...
  12. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Thanks for funking up the forum of a proud father, (LEGAL deer hunter of 30+ years), sharing a story about his sons 1st buck, dousch bag. It's because of asshole keyboard commandos like you that I'm no longer on social media and don't even spend much time here. Keep sitting behind your keyboard...
  13. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Go crawl back under the bridge from which you came, troll.
  14. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    I've answered my last tag question deerman54. It's tough telling in an online forum format, but it seems like you're trolling a bit. If so, please stop. There are plenty of other sites where that's prevalent. This isn't one of them.
  15. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    If he placed, we didn't hear anything about it. We dropped it off for scoring on Friday and then picked it up again on Sunday. We didn't spend any time at the show. The tag was on the buck at all times during transport, and while at the taxidermist. (There's always got to be one...)
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