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Recent content by Rjack

  1. Rjack

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    Only 1 mentions slugs. That leads me to believe the others were not slugs. I agree it has to do with the style of hunting, but do you really believe this style of hunting isn't more dangerous now that rifles are involved?
  2. Rjack

    Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck

    Thanks for sharing the video. Great shot on a great buck.
  3. Rjack

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    Hope this wasn't you Arec (or Nathan). So happy you got those rifles added so we can mow down those deer (or brothers, sisters, friends, parents, neighbors, neighbors house,...). But, hey, it is all about the opportunity to shoot more deer. DNR article in accidents I am so sorry for those...
  4. Rjack

    Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck

    Congrats Charlie. Skip - enjoy these years, they go by quickly.
  5. Rjack

    Two fer

    Beauty. Congrats.
  6. Rjack

    Mrs. Edwards strikes twice.

    2 great bucks. Congrats.
  7. Rjack

    Black Friday Buck

    Congrats. Good heavy buck.
  8. Rjack

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    Here is my "scientific" evidence on the subject. Helped my son get his buck out of the timber on 11/11. Started cold/sinus infection symptoms on 11/18 when I missed a nice one due to an unseen twig), doctor on 11/22 and tested positive. Now, my son didn't test positive. So, it appears you...
  9. Rjack

    Eye to nose measurement?

    Seems like the spur measurement on turkeys. Not a guarantee on each animal (I have seems toms with nub spurs), but with enough data gives the DNR an idea of the age structure of the animals being killed.
  10. Rjack


    Doesn't look broken to me either.
  11. Rjack

    Floppy Era Ends - Nov. 12,2021

    Congrats. A true trophy.
  12. Rjack

    2021 Trapline

    Great post. Love the excitement. Sometimes I think I need to look at these pursuits through the eyes of a kid again.
  13. Rjack

    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    Congrats. That is a great buck and way to adjust and make it work on a new property.
  14. Rjack

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Did you listen to the podcast? Dude is hardcore.
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