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Recent content by Rous14

  1. R

    Trying something new

    Interesting. What’s advantages to just planting a regular dco or chestnut??
  2. R

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Seems to be different thoughts and philosophies out there on hinge cutting. Some say the deer prefer and want side cover so hinge the tree pretty low. Others will say that the deer like a canopy effect and will bed under neath so hinge higher up the tree (personally don’t like sawing at face...
  3. R

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Appreciate all the replies and info. Will definitely be buying all of the safety gear no questions asked. And I’m not really planning on felling any trees w facecuts back cuts etc, I’m really just looking (and only comfortable with) hinging a bunch of the junk trees in the area I referenced. I...
  4. R

    Timber Stand Improvment

    I’ll take you up on some of your questions you mentioned Skip. Total beginner here when it comes to tsi. Have watched some but very little. Even more of a beginner on using a chainsaw. Advice on general safety operation of saw, what kind of saw to go buy as first saw, best way to start out, etc...
  5. R

    SF 427 An Act related to deer population management

    What has the harvest trends been the last 4-5 years in IA? What are everyone’s general thoughts of the herd levels throughout the state?
  6. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Gotcha. Thanks.
  7. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Gotcha. If it was a solid stand of NWSG/crp like I have (I need to educate myself on exactly what is in mine, I know there is big blue, Indian grass, etc...) do you think you’d still be converting it or would you leave it be you think?
  8. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Deep woods, I was kinda asking IBH the same question and appreciated his insights/response but I’ll ask you the same....you are burning off crp to replace it with switch. Something I’ve been considering as well but not sure it will be worth the time and effort IF, IF from a bedding and holding...
  9. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Have a good food source right next to the crp that’s nice and secluded so that’s why I kinda thought they’d bed more frequently in it. Have even better bedding cover on the farm too though and that’s definitely where they bed so could just be that they’re preferring the better cover over the...
  10. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Gotcha. Don’t have any switch on my place but have wondered whether I’d be better off with it instead of the crp I have. Been my experience that the deer will bed in my crp in areas where there’s other structure like shrubs or small pockets of young trees but in general they don’t seem to bed in...
  11. R

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Hardwood and IBH just wondered how you’d compare your crp to switchgrass as far as bedding/holding power and overall pros/cons?
  12. R

    Back from the Taxidermist

    Congrats again, that’s a GIANT! Love big 8’s and they don’t get much bigger than that. Wow.
  13. R

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    Almost all the bucks on my farm are still carrying both sides as of this last weekend. Did have one trail cam pic from Dec 16 of a buck that had just shed. Only one I’m aware of on my farm. W Central IL
  14. R

    Anyone try the new spypoint cell link yet?

    I actually was sitting in my ground blind and watched a doe nip the wire in half with her teeth! You can order just that wire piece for like $10 from spypoint. I had a new one shipped to me and now we’re back up n running.
  15. R

    Anyone try the new spypoint cell link yet?

    Just a follow up update. Must’ve been bad batteries we had put in it originally because we replaced with brand new lithium’s and this system has actually been working really well. For $60 or whatever it’s a pretty good value imo. The pictures it sends to your phone are not great quality but...
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