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Sligh1's latest activity

  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to Slick's post in the thread Redemption Buck with Like Like.
    Well done Curtis!!! Every forum needs a villain to keep things interesting;) and deerman54 does it with pride. Whats more concering to...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to Khughes2345's post in the thread Redemption Buck with Like Like.
    Way to stick with it CW! Wish I had something like that to go after late season. Did the first shot hit “no mans land”? Probably close...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 replied to the thread USDA/NRCS announcements….
    That’s crazy!!! They are loaded with funds right now!! (Most co’s) Yes- get with forester. You can ask for 2 things: REAP or EQUIP...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 replied to the thread Redemption Buck.
    YOU made it!!! Good for u!!! His mom makes his & that’s the difference!!! He’s in 50’s should be capable by now!!! He’s even...
  • Sligh1
    Ill try post more “habitat, conservation, $/subsidy, etc” related. Here’s 2 recent…. $ partners for habitat, soil, etc (climate change...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to Bowtech bandit's post in the thread SURVIVORS!!! Love seeing this…. with Like Like.
    Last day of season, son and I were driving around and seen a nice 11 pointer near our hunting ground. But 4 miles away saw a stud 12...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to Gus's post in the thread Redemption Buck with Like Like.
    Why…? Nothing like this needs to be said or pointed out. Not all deer will be booners just because you let them go until the following...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to northcedar's post in the thread Redemption Buck with Like Like.
    It grossed 133 and looks fairly mature in the face. Lotta bucks will never score 140. Mine was 138" and 5.5 yrs old, proven by a...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 replied to the thread Redemption Buck.
    Mom is yelling that your meatloaf is reheated for dinner!!! You gotta come up from the basement once in a while & not normal for grown...
  • Sligh1
    Won’t all make it through winter but pretty good chance. Few examples. All deer I’ve seen in last week. Some are a long ways away but...
    • FB61AE06-7026-416C-9671-6B22FD44F41B.jpeg
    • F730D694-6218-4344-9B71-39CB15E9B6CF.jpeg
    • 0EFDA402-B862-4F2A-A8FA-3A066ABC9AE2.jpeg
    • FA430842-746D-42EF-A0E1-C3F125B558C4.jpeg
    • 0E64116B-8B0D-4B90-86C3-33FF3CE996DE.jpeg
    • EFDE4091-77C1-468A-B129-04B430132CBF.jpeg
    • 1C42DBFC-BB16-426B-A018-AC79D25998BB.jpeg
    • BC84DA2F-8619-432F-A3E4-EF18C9AF1242.jpeg
    • B7497ECC-EA0E-4A7D-AF08-80D6E64AC041.jpeg
    • E036A7A7-9889-4C19-ABB2-129E4F5D797F.jpeg
  • Sligh1
    He’ll be 11 in March. I walk in his room…. Obsessed!! We encourage some daily reading time & very little to no electronics. This was...
    • 531C1331-ABD2-4076-AE94-DA14BED85588.jpeg
  • Sligh1
    Has anyone tried this?!?! I was messing around & THIS IS THE BOMB!!!!! Let sit in soy sauce for 30 mins. Lawrys & pepper. I did...
    • 5E5E696D-00DC-429E-A1C3-63B0713C8900.jpeg
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 replied to the thread Mineral question.
    Really good ideas!!! I’ve covered mine or dug a few up- which is a pain. Bucket or tub idea is great. If dig a hole - be super easy to...
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to bigbuckhunter88's post in the thread Mineral question with Like Like.
    I use old plastic lick tubs left over from cows. The ones with the shorter sides. Deer don't seem to mind
  • Sligh1
    Sligh1 reacted to 2.5YR8's post in the thread Coyotes with Like Like.
    1 so far. I worked really hard for him. He was in my backyard. It was a long walk from the couch to the gun safe.
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