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Recent content by StickersNKickers

  1. StickersNKickers

    Watering hole

    For anyone that has or is thinking about adding a watering hole/pond as an attraction to a stand location, what is your opinion on minimum size and depth? Flexible liner (i.e. plastic/vinyl sheeting, tarp) or solid tank/pool? Thanks!
  2. StickersNKickers

    Blind Insulation

    It does have a plastic water barrier on one side, so was thinking it might at least cut the wind some. Wasn't thinking about sound, but that does make sense.
  3. StickersNKickers

    Blind Insulation

    Hey guys, wondering thoughts on whether felt flooring underlayment would provide any insulation value in a blind, such as a bale blind. We redid our floors recently and took some of it up. Wanting to put it to use if I can before letting it go. Thanks!
  4. StickersNKickers

    Wooltimate, Berber, or Similar

    Hey guys, wondering if any of you are using the Wooltimate or Berber fleece from Cabela's or something similar like the Scheel's brand wool clothing. Likes/dislikes? What temps would you use it? Etc. Thanks!
  5. StickersNKickers

    Arctic Shield

    Hey guys, anyone out there using the Arctic Shield products? What pieces? Likes/dislikes about it? Thanks!
  6. StickersNKickers

    Best and worst cheap trail cams.

    Agreed. I had some older 3MP cameras and when they quit and I had to switch to 6MP, I didn't like the pics as much. Plus the camera seemed to zoom in farther so I didn't get as much in the frame. To the OP's question, all I've ever ran have been cheaper cams. I've ran several of the cheap...
  7. StickersNKickers

    Squeaky Stand

    Hey guys! I have a hang on stand mounted with two ratchet straps that has a squeak when the platform flexes as I shift weight on it. I've narrowed it down to the bottom strap squeaking. I'm thinking either where the hook hooks the stand (rubber coated hook into hole in angle iron) or where...
  8. StickersNKickers

    Skip, this is YOUR fault

    I was wondering the same thing. Someone cleans their windows!
  9. StickersNKickers

    Magnification Power

    Hey guys. Looking for input on what magnification would be good for glassing deer at say 500+ yds with either binoculars or spotting scope.
  10. StickersNKickers

    Mobile ground hunting

    Anyone out there doing mostly ground hunts? Wondering what people use for a blind to try to stay mobile without having to let a blind sit for a while to let the deer get used to it. Any other tips?
  11. StickersNKickers

    Trailer Recommendation

    Hey guys, just purchased a UTV and wondering what you all recommend for a trailer to haul. It pretty well filled up the 10' utility trailer I borrowed to haul it home. I'm thinking 12' for a little extra room. Would 14' be overkill? How wide would you go? Single axle or tandem? Anyone know...
  12. StickersNKickers

    Removing tree steps

    Hey guys! Quick question...we have a tree on the farm that had some screw in tree steps left by a previous hunter. It has been several years and so the tree has grown around the foot peg part. Wondering if there is a best time of year to try to remove them (guessing will take plunge cuts with...
  13. StickersNKickers

    Trail cam longevity

    I had a few Primos that probably went 6 years. Couple more on year 2 now. Tried cheap Tascos, 2 of 3 made it to year 3 this year. Looking for other options as well.
  14. StickersNKickers

    Stealth Cam

    I know some use these. Wondering what models and how you like them. Thanks!
  15. StickersNKickers

    Mouse Proofing Camper

    We've done dryer sheets before, but didn't stop them.
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