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Recent content by Thinkin Rut

  1. Thinkin Rut

    Abnormal sides

    Has anyone tracked bucks with abnormal sides? I have two bucks that I’m debating passing till next year or culling out. Curious on the chances these could turn it around or anyway of telling if it’s a bump vs injury? Thanks
  2. Thinkin Rut

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    Passion paid in full...Cheers to the Sligh Buck!
  3. Thinkin Rut

    Squeaky Stand

    I've rubbed a bar of paraffin wax on the contact points also.
  4. Thinkin Rut

    Skip's bow buck

    Thanks Skip! It looks like 5.5 was a fairly strong year minus all of the junk. He may have even taken a step back at 6.5...interesting and fun to watch
  5. Thinkin Rut

    Skip's bow buck

    Another great one skip! If you ever have the time, I'd love to see some of the previous years pics.
  6. Thinkin Rut

    % of old bucks that make BC....

    1 in 10 for me. They are still a buck of a lifetime for me. Decatur, Wayne and Clarke counties.
  7. Thinkin Rut

    Last years target buck is back, video

  8. Thinkin Rut

    A scar or.....

    Ya…nothing worse than when a buck identifies as a doe!
  9. Thinkin Rut

    A scar or.....

    A place to rest his chin and put his beer :p
  10. Thinkin Rut

    3 wheeler

    It still could be a piece of debris, pics mess with the mind.
  11. Thinkin Rut

    3 wheeler

    I think I see a hoof directly across from his right dew claw…nice buck either way!
  12. Thinkin Rut

    Fencers in southern Iowa

    Thanks for the suggestions...I'll be making some calls!
  13. Thinkin Rut

    Fencers in southern Iowa

    Do you happen to know how far they would travel?
  14. Thinkin Rut

    Fencers in southern Iowa

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a barbed wire fencer in south central Iowa?
  15. Thinkin Rut


    You definitely want it dead.
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