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Recent content by tracer

  1. tracer

    Memorable hunt with my best friend.

  2. tracer

    2020 archery buck

  3. tracer

    Researching bibs: Sitka vs First Lite vs Cabelas

    Check out Badlands Pyre Jacket and bib.
  4. tracer

    Coyote hunting

    Coyote hunting
  5. tracer

    Anyone try the new spypoint cell link yet?

    Here's a couple photos sent to my phone by the SPYPOINT CELL-LINK. This adaptor is hooked up to a FORCE-20 camera via a SD card ribbon inserted into the SD card slot.
  6. tracer

    Son connected!

    Congrats to your son.
  7. tracer

    TESTING 1,2,3..... NEW MEMBER Part of forum....

    I’m in great, thanks Skip.
  8. tracer

    I killed Sleepy Joe

  9. tracer

    Early November success

  10. tracer

    Been awhile......

  11. tracer

    The buck named Carter- 10-03-2019

  12. tracer

    Late November buck.

  13. tracer

    Got it done 11/14/2019

  14. tracer

    Abby's 1st buck

  15. tracer

    Olivia makes 3

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