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Recent content by VictoryOutdoor

  1. VictoryOutdoor

    Iowa Giant 187 3/8

    Harrison County
  2. VictoryOutdoor

    Iowa Giant 187 3/8

    Zac Geith shot a monster whitetail in western Iowa, from the same stand that he filmed his brother, Collin Mann, killing a great buck last weekend. Collin returned the favor and films Zac arrowing a true Iowa Giant, green score of 187 3/8. Unbelievably not Zac’s best whitetail with a bow. See...
  3. VictoryOutdoor

    Would you rather..

    I'd have to say "Managed" and as others have said neighborhood is key! Unless you are buying really big but if your under 500 acres, neighborhood would play a big role for me!
  4. VictoryOutdoor

    Weekend hunt

    ^^^ Agreed ^^^
  5. VictoryOutdoor

    Giant 8 - 170"

    WOW Monster 8, cool!
  6. VictoryOutdoor

    How old is this buck?

    Mature.. Yep, age I would need to see pictures of the teeth in the lower jaw. But a great buck!!! Congrats to the hunter!
  7. VictoryOutdoor

    So what are they up to now!!

    Saw two good bucks in a field (From the road) fighting it out. Doe and fawns where just feeding away. That was last night (Nov 20th)
  8. VictoryOutdoor

    Birthday Buck Nov 15

    Congrats, Good Buck!!
  9. VictoryOutdoor

    Western Iowa BBD

    Collin Mann kills a stud of a Whitetail in Western Iowa! This buck started to walk away, a few grunts and a snort wheeze and this buck comes in looking for a fight. You can check out the video here if you would like! http://victoryoutdoormedia.com/lookin-fight-s3-w20/
  10. VictoryOutdoor

    Public Land Giant

    Here are a few pictures, see more and the story here http://victoryoutdoormedia.com/iowa-public-land-monarch/
  11. VictoryOutdoor

    2015 rifle season?

    No don't do this b/c they lowered the tags to the number that they sold last year. If you don't need the tag don't buy that way less sell and hope they do the same thing lower them based on the number sold! IMO
  12. VictoryOutdoor

    Iowa State Championship Turkey Calling Contest

    200 East Acers St, Manchester, IA 52057, has been there for the last 8 years.
  13. VictoryOutdoor

    Iowa State Championship Turkey Calling Contest

    Sunday August 3rd, 2014 REGISTRATION: 10:45 am – 11:45 am All Callers Meeting at 11:45 am Calling starts at 12:15 PM EIGHT DIVISIONS: JAKES Calling Contest (Two age groups.) Junior Division - 15yrs $5 Intermediate Division - 16yrs – 20 yrs old $10 Hunter (amateur) Division ($10...
  14. VictoryOutdoor

    Getting what we deserve? [email protected]

    Sent my email and Facebook-ed them!
  15. VictoryOutdoor

    IDNRs proposed changes to NRC

    Here is the IDNRs proposed changes for deer hunting for 2014/15 all or parts will/would need to pass the Natural Resource Commission (NRC) on May 8th then it would need to be passed by lawmakers! Here's the link if you want to read the whole thing. You'll have to download the file. It's...
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