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Search results

  1. zattack10

    Random buck pics 2017

    I was happy as ever to see these guys bed 25 yards from this camera all summer!! IMG_0656 (1) by zattack10 posted Aug 10, 2017 at 10:14 AMIMG_0785 by zattack10 posted Aug 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM IMG_0781 by zattack10 posted Aug 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM IMG_0783 by zattack10 posted Aug 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM...
  2. zattack10

    Zone 5 and zone 6 hunts available

    Im looking to fill a couple 7 day hunt slots. Only one hunter has booked per farm so far. One farm is in zone 5 while the other is in zone 6. Lots cheaper than your normal outfitter. So far I have 12 mature bucks after two card pulls. PM me for details, and pics!
  3. zattack10

    Germinating small food plot

    Hey guys I have about a 1/4 acre of a 2 acre plot that didnt come in. I bought an oat chicory mix that Im going to try to get growing yet this fall. The only problem is there is one chance of rain in the next 8 days. I wanted to get it in tmrw. I have a 25 gallon tank and access to water and...
  4. zattack10

    Guess on score

    Im going to be chasing my first drop tine ever come bow season. Him and a big 8 are my two hitlisters. Got plenty of younger bucks that need let go for a year. But what do you guys think on score...
  5. zattack10

    age and score

    Have some decent shooters hoping to establish their territory in the same areas come fall. Rough score and age of each of these guys?
  6. zattack10


    Anybody have an update on the turkey season down at shimek state forest? Many birds been harvested, seen, heard, etc. trying to find a late season spot on public that hasnt been wrecked to hard.
  7. zattack10

    Cruising activity

    I know I should be okay as Ive seen mature deer on their feet on thanksgiving...but With this rain coming in and me having plans from wednesday until saturday whats everyones experience with later november cruising bucks? And when do they give up the chase for good? Ive seen scenes on the...
  8. zattack10

    Dog problem

    Hey guys i want to grab your opinion on what you do or have done with dogs running through your properties chasing deer. I have pictures of them chasing my mature bucks. I think they have a home but am not positive as i havnt confirmed they have collars or not. A problem that is ruining a...
  9. zattack10

    November movement

    We all have our buddies we text for buck movement but I want to get a thread on here dedicated to what the bucks and deer are doing! November 2nd has been a good start to my week vacation. Three 3yr olds cruised by this morning, the biggest being a 145 10 who about got a rage sent his away...
  10. zattack10

    need help guys

    I have been following a nice wide buck all summer and am in his core area because I have pictures of him just about every day. I have a good stand near this area and was going to wait until he showed some daylight movement. To my surprise I checked the cards today and bam! he is on there with...
  11. zattack10

    Lost foxpro WF2 tx9 remote

    Hey guys, I just lost my foxpro wildfire 2 tx9 remote. It fell out of my pocket while calling the other day...any idea on if they sell the remote only or am I &$*+ out of luck?
  12. zattack10

    late rut cruisers

    Hey guys, I remember as a youngster on thanksgiving going out to shoot squirrels and seeing big bruisers cruising around. But I'd like to know when the latest you saw a big boy cruising for does? I know, generally, the late rut movement is Nov. 20 - Nov.28th. But will they cruise up until the...
  13. zattack10

    So excited!!

    So i was so excited about this mornings hunt that i woke up, showered, and started the truck only to check my cell phone and I was an hour early!! The sad thing is I was aware of daylight savings but totally forgot to change my clock on my night stand. Lesson learned, good luck everyone!
  14. zattack10

    55's score?!

    Hey guys, here is a giant 5x5 that finally showed himself on camera after a few velvet pictures this summer. He's going to be tough to hunt due to him for some reason being camera shy. A good challenge that I will gladly accept! Any guesses on score?
  15. zattack10

    gobbler update..

    Hey guys been in the middle of some good hunts the past couple weeks taking friends and family out. I was just wanting to get a mid season gobbler report on movement, behaivor, responsiveness, etc? Have had a few toms be pretty decoy shy to my jake and hen setup...what's ur guys luck been...
  16. zattack10

    Dec. 2nd buck!

    Well I FINALLY got the big 8 on the ground. Harvested him on our first drive of the second day. It was near the end of the drive and he knew what was going on. He was sneaking around trying to find a way out and I dumped him at 70 yards. It was me and the landowner's number 1 hitlister for two...
  17. zattack10

    Nov. 10th Buck!

    Well I said last year on November 17th that there wasn't a happier 21 year old in the world on killing my first archery buck...today there isn't a happier 22 year old. Had a few dinks and doeswork through at first light. Not much was happening as it was very warm out. At about 930 I was...
  18. zattack10

    3rd season gobbler

    Got my 3rd ever gobbler this morning! I set up the decoys at about 5 and at about 530 heard this guy and another tom wake up and start gobbling. They were only about 80 yards away! I gave a few good hard yelps and cuts right before 6 and then shut up. about 5 minutes later they both appeared at...
  19. zattack10

    Need help aging this guy!

    Hey guys I live near a big chunk of woods and have deer come out in my yard just about every night since september. I have seen this guy all fall at least a dozen times so I decided to put up a trail cam to get some good pics of him. At first I thought he was 3 yrs old but his body and neck...
  20. zattack10

    11-17 first archery buck

    well after 6 years of shooting does and letting the younger bucks walk, I finally got my first archery buck! Bowhunting is such a tough sport, with so many ups and downs I was really hoping on harvesting a buck this year. This morning was coldddd! Lots of deer were moving. My stand was...
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