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Search results

  1. H

    Age and Score

    Early season he looks 3.5, but the two late videos make him look 4.5 or 5.5. I actually thought I was looking at two different deer at first.
  2. H

    Age and Score

    3.5 and low 40's. Maybe 4.5 due to deep chest but since he's moving in both pics it's a little tough.
  3. H

    Deer movement update thread

    In general the first does are coming in and if you are on one it will be crazy. If not, things will likely be slow.
  4. H

    Frustrated to no other.

    Yes, on a clean miss he would have high tailed it out of town just as he did because that crack of whatever you hit was either him or very close to him(ear of corn)
  5. H

    Opinions of age

    I'm going with old. His head reflects an old deer and the body has slimmed down since he isn't the dominant buck any longer. I've seen several cases in indiana of deer being over 7.5 and looking like a 3 year old from the body.
  6. H

    Elite bows

    Do this simple test. Go to the bow shop and put a blindfold on and shoot all the bows without knowing which one you have and rate them. By covering your eyes, the other senses kick in hyperdrive and you will be able to tell a significant difference between the bows. I hear ppl saying the...
  7. H

    HBS or Sitka Fanatic Series?

    I think the biggest difference is the overall investment. The HBS will cost 400.00 all in. The Sitka gear will cost approximately 2,000 for the system.
  8. H

    Age and Score?

    3.5 and right around 140.
  9. H

    Purple top turnip size

    We have had our plots anywhere from golf balls to volleyballs. The largest came in our first year when we planted in late June. Now we plant the first week in August to get baseballs. It took our deer three years to start eating the greens early but now they start using them in September...
  10. H

    How Old?

    Over the hill, so somewhere in the 8-9 range.
  11. H

    whats he score

    Gross Boone and he's fully mature.
  12. H

    What to do?

    I would also guess his score around 165-175. He's narrow which hurts the main beams and I can't give him a tine over 8 .5 inches.
  13. H

    What to do?

    That's a truly world class typical that appears 3.5 years old. There are very few people on this planet who would pass him. With that being said you have a very unique circumstance where it's possible to let him walk and think he has a good chance of survival. If you decide to not hunt him...
  14. H


    I'm thinking he's 5.5+ so he would be a deer that gets shot in my book regardless of size. He probably breaks 50 with those brows.
  15. H

    Big CT 8 point daytime pictures

    Yeah he certainly blows past 140. Beautiful deer
  16. H

    Any guesses on age and score??

    Mid to high 140's.
  17. H

    Big CT 8 point daytime pictures

    He's a solid mid 40's 8, nice deer!
  18. H

    Under Armor

    If you want somebody to pick on about hunting decisions that directly affect very hunter, Farm Bureau Insurance is the way to go. You can thank them for nearly every liberal regulation regarding hunting across the US. Whether it be increased bag limits, longer seasons, rifles, depredation...
  19. H

    Iowa Dove Hunting

    The mojo will draw them to fly close enough for a shot.
  20. H

    Iowa Dove Hunting

    If you can get access to a gravel pit it will blow away hunting over sunflowers. I'm serious as a hear attack when I say that too. Be careful taking a dog too because if they are the typical hunting dog, they don't know when to quit and they will literally run their pads off on the sand and...
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