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Search results

  1. sgtalatorre

    Jacobs First Bow Kill!!!

    Great story and a great buck!
  2. sgtalatorre

    Veterans Day is tomorrow

    Thank you to all the men and women that have served this beautiful country. If you are hunting tomorrow I hope you get the deer of a lifetime because you deserve it!!!!
  3. sgtalatorre

    Holy Neck - Score?

    I was thinking the same thing!
  4. sgtalatorre

    Walk by me please

    Wow, that's a great pic with the buck looking at his next girl friend with a blind in the middle...
  5. sgtalatorre

    Anybody out there

    Looking forward to an all day sit in Lucas tomorrow! Dad's first time hunting the rut hope he sees some action.
  6. sgtalatorre

    "Dentist Appt"

    agree 100%
  7. sgtalatorre

    Who is part of qdma?

    Has anyone from here ever won there drawing they have going on? Just wondering about my odds of winning at $25 dollars a ticket... I know the money goes back into the woods so I'm fine with trying and helping. I'll be truly happy and jealous for whoever wins!
  8. sgtalatorre

    2014 Archery Deer

    Nice deer BBD!
  9. sgtalatorre

    Need some help aging this buck

    They both are studs
  10. sgtalatorre

    Big typical killed

    Hope he post his story
  11. sgtalatorre

    Standing corn

    Do u have any scrapes along your corn? If so put some active scrape out over and existing one or make a mock scrape...l
  12. sgtalatorre

    Standing corn

    I'm surrounded by it and yes it has put a hurting on my game plan but adapt and over come
  13. sgtalatorre

    Need help finding deer

    I agree look around water
  14. sgtalatorre

    First Bow Deer

    Nice great job
  15. sgtalatorre

    Cool scrape pic

    What a great pic! Thanks
  16. sgtalatorre

    All day sit

    Just had a friend say he had 3 bucks chasing a doe. On his way into stand
  17. sgtalatorre

    All day sit

    I think I'll hunt until 10 then see how alive the woods are
  18. sgtalatorre

    All day sit

    Is tomorrow a good day for an all day sit in Southern iowa?
  19. sgtalatorre

    Rut activity

    I agree with air Air Assault!
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