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Search results

  1. jesserichard

    Elite Pure Bow Package

    2012 Elite Pure RH 60 LBS 29" Draw It has a custom string and cable set on it (black and yellow). It comes with the original string and cables, 11" Elite stabilizer, and wrist sling. Also a couple decals and Elite tool set. The sight is a HHA single pin. Model OL-5510. The rest is the...
  2. jesserichard

    Misc. Turkey Stuff

    Misc. turkey hunting items. - H.S. Bun Saver- Beard Buster leg mounted call holster - NWTF Hat - H.S. Strut decal, Primos Decal, and Size Matters Turkey Decal Asking $20 Located in Ankeny
  3. jesserichard

    Avian X Strutter

    Avian X Strutter. I bought it last season and hunted with it for 2 hours. I am offering to throw in a real fan. Either a tom or jake fan. Asking $125 OBO Located in Ankeny.
  4. jesserichard

    Turkey Vest

    This is a LG Gander Mountain turkey vest in Mossy Oak Break Up. Has fully padded flip down seat. I upgraded a few years back and this has been sitting around ever since. Many custom call pockets and other pockets. Asking $40 Located in Ankeny.
  5. jesserichard

    Foam Turkey Decoys

    3 foam decoys here. 2 steaks and a carrying bag. Asking $20 OBO Located in Ankeny
  6. jesserichard

    Montana Turkey Decoys

    These are 2 Montana Decoys. A single hen and a breeding pair. I am also adding a Montana Decoy carrying bag and hat. Asking $50 OBO Located in Ankeny
  7. jesserichard

    Muzzleloader For Sale

    MUZZLELOADER PACKAGE FOR SALE Gun - Traditions Evolution LD 50 Cal Muzzleloader - Fluted Barrel - Black Stock and Black Barrel... Scope - Redhead Pursuit 3-9 X 40 Extras - 90% Full box of 777 50 grain Pellets - 98% Full box of 777 30 grain Pellets - 50% Full Container of 209 Black Horn...
  8. jesserichard

    Carry Lite Deer Decoy

    Looking to get rid of my Carry Lite deer decoy. It is the new style with the bands and "Real" tail. Great shape Let me know if you are interested. Asking $100. Ankeny Area Thanks
  9. jesserichard

    My favorite thing about deer hunting!!!

    Well since I can't get back into the woods till after 2nd season i decided to make some deer jerky!!! I normally wait till the season is over and do it all in 1 shot, but i had a free weekend and wanted to try a new mix. How do you make your deer jerky?? Here is a link that shows how I like to...
  10. jesserichard

    Close Call Today.

    I normally dont post things on here from a web site but this is a very important topic. I hade a very close call today while trimming stands. Just remember to be safe while we are all out in the woods this season. http://trophypursuit.com/jesse/2012/08/19/safty-first/ I had my safty harness...
  11. jesserichard

    2/16/12 Pull

    Here are a few from that last couple weeks. Nothing big but they are starting to shed a little. I would say that 75% of the bucks are still packing both sides 10% are half racks and 15% are totaly shed out. Thats based on trail cam pics and bucks I saw while shed hunting yesterday. I have...
  12. jesserichard

    Cuddeback Question?

    I just bought a Cuddeback Capture. I was wondering how many pictures it takes per trigger? I think its just 1 but can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  13. jesserichard

    A Few Bucks That Have Made It!

    These are a few pictures from my last run.
  14. jesserichard

    2011 Archery Buck

    I killed this buck on 12/30/11. Its been a long archery season and im glad I didnt eat my tag this year. Hes an old mature buck. A good buck to get out of the heard.
  15. jesserichard

    I Hate To Be The One To Point This Out But....

    We are a week in to the late season and I havent seen any buck kills. The weather isin't the best for this time of year. I hope it turns around for all of us who have tags to fill (1 Any Sex Bow, 2 Bow Antlerless, 1 Any Sex Late Muzzy)
  16. jesserichard

    Looking for Satellite Map

    I am looking for the best website to get a map of my farm. I was just wondering what others have found. Thanks
  17. jesserichard

    For Fun "Score" Kickers

    Checked the cameras and got the 1 buck I wanted.
  18. jesserichard

    Card Pull 8/7

    Here are the better bucks from that last 2 week soak. Kickers Thor The Wide 10
  19. jesserichard

    Kickers Almost Done

    Here are a few pictures of kickers from this season. He is my target buck this season.
  20. jesserichard

    The 3 Week "Soak" Paid Off!!!!

    After letting the cameras soak for 3 weeks I pulled the card yesterday. Lets just say they are getting big now. The next 4 weeks will show what we will be hunting for this fall. This is the buck I call Thor. He is 6 1/2 years old. Should be a slammer this year. Can't wait and see what he will...
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