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Search results

  1. flugge

    Camping Generator

    I am looking at buying a Generator for camping when we are traveling for hunting, with our camper. Looking at 3500ish watt generator, but just cannot justify spending the money on a Honda. What are some good/comparable generators? I have heard Champion, Powerhouse, Predator... I just dont know...
  2. flugge

    Off Topic- Gas vs Diesel Truck

    Well, for years I have ran F-150s and loved them. I put plenty of miles on for various things, 20,000+ a year, but now we have a camper. While the truck is rated to pull it, I know I will be looking for something new in the next year or so. I am having the big debate right now of gas vs diesel...
  3. flugge

    More CWD things..

    Saw this today...Now the one chart, if correct, says that the main culprit is a carcass, brain, etc..That urine and feces are the lowest transmitter. Maybe the IADNR should just get dumpsters for people to dispose of deer?? I know thats not a real good answer, but sure makes a person think about...
  4. flugge

    Looking for a new Broadhead...

    So after a less than stellar year with the bow so far, and losing 2 deer in a matter of weeks, I want to switch broadheads. I currently shoot Montecs by G5, and loved them for years..However this year, I smacked a doe at 7 yards, she bled and bled and bled, but just walked away to never be...
  5. flugge

    Predator camo?

    So my buddy won a complete set of his choice from an auction. It says predator camo and he’s awaiting a call back (Jacket, vest, pants/bibs for sure) but he doesn’t know which camo to go with. I am not really familiar with it either so I figured I’d ask here. What’s his best camo pattern to go...
  6. flugge

    Quartering deer in Iowa?

    Anyone know the actual law on this? We’ve been told no by the local CO. But can’t find anything more than his word. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. flugge

    Wife’s deer

    We’ve been limited on time all year due to we had a destination wedding in Jackson WY. This was her 2nd sit this year and the same night was only my 3rd sit. She hit him back but he didn’t go 150 yards and straight to the truck (oh darn). After we recovered him she was really beating herself up...
  8. flugge

    Travel Trailer Campers

    So the wife and myself are wanting to make the plunge and buy a camper (and get a good deal this time of year).. We dont know "a lot" about them, but does anyone have recommendations on which brands to stay away from? So far if we find one, we attempt to do a google search and see what kind of...
  9. flugge

    Cwd again

    So the fiancé got a letter in the mail about cwd, of course not me (even though I killed more deer there). Basically what I read is they are ramping up and even added an EXTRA 250 tags inside those areas. But what intrigued me was the bottom few lines (and kinda ticked me off). So it says don’t...
  10. flugge

    Public Land Trail cameras?

    So I have a buddy who is trying to hunt some new ground around the Decorah area (all public) He was excited about getting cameras up and scouting the area hard, but when he went back to check his cameras- all of his cards had been pulled. He has since ordered lock boxes and cables, but has...
  11. flugge

    River Crossing, what do you use?

    So I gained access to a property that might end up being a honey hole. The problem is, in order to access it, I have to walk two miles, and then cross a creek. The creek is just deep enough to be a problem for my normal rubber boots. I have HEAVY waders, but dont really want to carry them that...
  12. flugge

    New Bow Sight

    Looking at a new bow sight, what is the latest/greatest or better yet, whats a true good sight to get? I have been looking at a 3 pin CBE with floating pins, but havent had a ton of time to research. I hunt out west, so looking to get range but not a complete cluster. Or- Do I get 3 pin fixed...
  13. flugge

    Bug sprays?

    So as I’m getting ready to really get after some land management/trail cameras, I’m curious what people are using. In years past I’ve used nothing but I think I need something this year with as bad as the bugs have been. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. flugge

    2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder

    2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 RH. Bow is in realtree camo, TRUGLO quiver and sight, QAD dropaway rest. 50-60 lb draw weight, set at 29 1/2 inch draw, number 3 cam. Comes with red accessories installed, original black accessories will also come with. (Bow stand not included) Located in St Ansgar IA...
  15. flugge

    CWD Question

    Question for everyone- With the growing concerns of CWD everywhere, what are everyone's thoughts about the disposal of deer carcasses? I guess I ask, due to the trail camera photo is done on public ground in a county that has had CWD confirmed, yet they are stock piling carcasses in order for a...
  16. flugge

    Snowfall in Allamakee??

    I was supposed to go on a group shed hunt this weekend over in Allamakee County..Anyone have ideas of the amounts of snow they received? Specifically between Waukon and Lansing are the areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated before guys blow vacation time and it not be worth it.
  17. flugge

    Mounts..let’s see them

    So mainly, I’m bored sitting at work. As most people know I killed the deer I was after for three years this year. I have my pedestal mount done (see below) and now just waiting for another 9 months. I dropped him off with Chris Isham. So who else takes deer to him? Let’s see the mounts...
  18. flugge

    First of the year

    Sometimes my job lets me be lucky. This was laying in a road ditch today. Turns out my buddy has photos of the buck. I won't start looking for a few weeks but pretty tempting now. 71 2/8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. flugge

    Coyote Shotgun loads?

    So normally I am hunting myself and have my big gun, but this coming weekend we are doing calling as a group with 3 people. Two of which will be using high powers, and one of us will be using a shotgun. Wooded hills and draws we figured the shotgun will be a huge benefit. What is everyone using...
  20. flugge

    Pedestal Mounts/Stands

    So I dropped my deer off at the taxidermist and decided to do a pedestal style mount. What is everyone using for a stand? I have the shed, and a few other small pieces that I want to make sure get used in the "landscape"..So lets see your pictures :) Please :)
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