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Search results

  1. DarkArcher

    Cal’s Buck

    Little guy took care of business last night. One of the bucks we were after made his last appearance in the plot last night. Came out and started working a scrape, Cal dumped him right in the scrape. He was even lucky enough to have picked up the bucks matched set last year in the same plot. He...
  2. DarkArcher

    2020 Target Bucks

    The boys and I have been fortunate enough to have multiple bucks to chase this year. Plenty of history with these deer and it keeps building. We have had 2 of these deer work into range already during youth but both managed to give us the slip and never presented a clear shot. Good luck to...
  3. DarkArcher

    Not to be outdone...

    Well since the youngster (See Cal’s 1st Bird) thought he was the king of the house for the weekend....Dad had to show him who was still the boss [emoji3] With a little help from a good buddy we were able to call this 1st season bird into range. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. DarkArcher

    Cal’s 1st Bird

    The little man and I were lucky enough to fill a tag on the 2nd day of youth season. Beat this bird and his hen to a strutting spot around 2 o’clock. He put on quite a show for 10 to 15 minutes out my side of the blind before he made his way toward the decoys where we could shoot, about a 7 yard...
  5. DarkArcher

    Fun on the Farm

    Got the boys out and we were able to frost seed a new remote/sanctuary type plot that we created on our farm last year, as well as overseeing the existing clover kill plot where my little man killed his 1st buck last year. Thought you guys might enjoy the pics. Can’t wait for him to bust a...
  6. DarkArcher

    Searching for Youth Bow

    Anyone have a youth bow they would sell? I have a 7 year old that can’t wait to fling some arrows this spring. Shoot me a message, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DarkArcher

    Final Day Buck

    It was a long trying season to say the least however it paid off in a great way. Down to the last 10 minutes of light on the final day of the season, A truly lucky hunter this year! Lowest of lows to the highest of highs in 24 hours. The night prior my 7 year old son was with me and we had the...
  8. DarkArcher

    Cal’s 1st Deer

    My little man was lucky enough to take his 1st deer this weekend. There was no track job on the whopping 8 yard shot but he sure was excited to see the short blood trail. Even sweeter to have it happen on a farm we bought this past spring and clover Plot we created after purchasing. Good luck to...
  9. DarkArcher

    Farm for Sale? 60 to 120 Acres

    Hello all, I figured there was no better place than here to find out if anyone has a farm for sale privately or knows of a farm for sale privately in the Monroe/Lucas/Appanoose/Davis....Open to farms currently on the market too, however I believe I have covered most of them that I can find on...
  10. DarkArcher

    Clover Plot Question

    Hey guys - with a few recent rains my clover plot is starting to green back up a bit here in Monroe County. I have a few questions. This was originally going to be a plow down type of plot but with these rains coming so late in the summer I decided to keep what little food I did have rather than...
  11. DarkArcher

    Fox and small game taxi

    Another taxidermy question. Any of you guys know of a shop that does good work on small game life sized mounts? A friend is looking for someone to do a double fox set up. We are located in South Central IA but would be willing to travel if needed. Thanks!
  12. DarkArcher

    4.15.2014 Bird

    Was fortunate enough to get a good show from this bird and call him into our lap before pulling the trigger. Had 6-8 birds gobbling all around us on the roost yesterday morning. They all hit the ground and decided to go completely in the other direction. We packed up and tried to get in front...
  13. DarkArcher

    AR15 For Sale / 223 / New Frontier Armory

    I have a nearly new AR15 for sale. The gun about 100 rounds through it, I am wanting to sell to upgrade to a heavy barrel hunting AR rather than the carbine style. Gun Details: New Frontier Armory LW15 Chambered 223 Polymer Lower 16" Barrel Carbine Style Magpul Carbine Length Hand guard...
  14. DarkArcher

    2012 Late Muzzy Buck Back

    Just got my 2012 Late Muzzy buck back from Rick Stevens in Ottumwa and couldn't be happier with the quality of work and how he turned out. Killed in Jan. 2013 over turnips. Here he is alone and on my office wall with a previous bow kill, enjoy
  15. DarkArcher

    Mature Buck Video Footage

    I thought since I was doing some editing and going back through this year's footage I would give you guys some viewing enjoyment. These are some of the better deer from this past season. Had 3 encounters with this nice Flyer 10 buck. 1 was a complete miss, I rushed the shot and hit a...
  16. DarkArcher

    Best So Far

    Just pulled the cam card the other day off of a new farm and found that I have what is the best buck so far running around on this farm. Hopefully he sticks around so I can see how he turns out. Looks like maybe an inside point on his right side 2. :way:
  17. DarkArcher

    Bushnell Trophy Cam Issues

    I will start by saying for the most part I love my Bushnell cam - great images, unreal battery life, and a quick trigger. I have had the camera out since May in various places and have pulled the card probably 10+ times. On my last card pull the camera simply wouldn't react to anything I was...
  18. DarkArcher

    Typical 12 Video / 165" roughly

    Well guys I am very new to guessing age and score on bucks but this guy looks to be close to 165" to me personally but I would love to get your opinions. I also think based on my 2 different encounters yesterday from 2 different stands that he is only a 3 1/2 year old deer???? Thoughts? He...
  19. DarkArcher

    Bluff Creek Archers 40 Shot 3D This Weekend

    Hi All, A big thanks to everyone who has been able to make the shoot this year. Our last shoot of the year will be this weekend (Sept. 11th, 12th, & 13th), we open at 3 on Friday afternoon and keep registration open until 5. Saturday registration is 7:30 - 4 and on Sunday registration is 7:30...
  20. DarkArcher

    Bushnell Trophy Cam

    This is a question for any of the users/dealers out there of the product....I purchased a cam about 1 month ago and had great pics/video on the 1st 2 card pulls. I switched out my 3rd card this weekend and when I put the new card in the cam seemed to freeze up. In the set-up mode the LCD...
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