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Search results

  1. Blaster

    imox herbicide

    Are any of you guys using Imox on your Clover plots? If so what are your mix rates per acre. I see they say 4-6oz per acre. But how much water?
  2. Blaster

    Bobcat taxidermy

    We caught our first bobcat trying to trap coyotes. Any recommendations for taxidermy in Iowa? We haven't decided yet if we are going to mount it or tan the hide. What would you guys do?
  3. Blaster

    Tagged out opening moring!

    It was real cold opening morning! We had 13 degrees when we pulled into the farm. About 30 min after sunrise we had 2 jakes come right in to our spread. I told Drew my youngest boy he had first shot and he could wait for a tom if he wanted. He said Dad i'll shoot that Jake. So I gave him the...
  4. Blaster

    So Bassn

    Had all last week off and did some Bassn in southern Iowa. As you can see my oldest boy schooled us on th big ones!!!
  5. Blaster

    The Killing Corner

    The Title say's it all. The boys have now killed 8 turkeys in this spot over the last 4 years! Saturday morning we had zero gobbling on the roost. After about 20 minutes of calling a heard 2 gobbles not far away. After another set of calls they were on their way. 2 toms saw the decoys and came...
  6. Blaster

    Drew is on the board!

    Drew shot this nice 4pt last night. Great 70 yard shot! Took out both lungs. Now It's my oldest boy's turn!
  7. Blaster

    Scent Crusher

    Has anyone on here tried Scent Crusher products? I bought the hunter closet a couple of weeks ago and have to say I'm impressed with the results. I am also impressed with their customer service. The zipper was broke when I got it and I called them and they had me a new one 2 days later. I...
  8. Blaster


    It took me about 45min and 600 yards of slow walking behind my fan but finally got to within 15 yards of this tom in an open corn field. My legs are still sore!!!:D That makes 5 years in a row now I have killed a tom in 4th season at 12pm.
  9. Blaster

    Trolling Motor

    Motor Guide 12/24v bow trolling motor. 65lbs thrust. $150
  10. Blaster

    Hen'd up Tom's

    This has probably been one of the toughest years for me turkey hunting. I have hunted for 3 straight weekends now and the birds have really kicked my butt! Looks like the bird#s are down in my area so what toms we have seemed to be with hens all day. Well Sunday morning I finally got a couple of...
  11. Blaster

    Lane's Tom

    Took both my boy youth hunting the last couple of weeks. This was the toughest youth season that I have hunted. The birds were hen'd up early this year. Should make some good hunting by 2nd season! I got Lane out of school early last Thursday and we headed to our honey hole called the Killing...
  12. Blaster

    Blaster (Iowawhitetails poster child for safty!) NOT

    Well guys. We talk about it ever year on this site. Tree Stand Safety! You just never think it will happen to you. Hell iv been bow hunting for 30 years. I know how to get in and out of a tree! Right? Well as some of you heard this weekend. A hunter in southern Iowa fell from his tree stand...
  13. Blaster

    Youth Bows

    I was wondering what everyone's kids were shooting for bows. I have a Nuclear ice for my boys but they have out grown it. It's time for me to get them one that they can grow with and hunt with. The 3 bows I am looking at are the diamond infinite edge, hoyt ignite, and the mission craze. I'm a...
  14. Blaster

    2nd chance at hooks!

    I hunted pretty hard this season. My main goal was to get both my boys and my dad a bird and we got all of there tags filled by second season. So 4th season was going to be my time to try and get my tag filled. I didn't have a lot of time to hunt with both my boys in baseball. I took the first...
  15. Blaster

    Killing Corner

    Well. I got Lane out of school early yesterday and we headed down south for an evening hunt. The weather was crappy but I knew that would get the birds out feeding. We went back to the spot we call the Killing Corner. We pulled into the field and there were already 20 birds up in the corner. So...
  16. Blaster

    Drew's tagged out!

    Took both my boys down south youth hunting over the weekend. We first started by trying to hunt a new farm that I was getting a lot of turkey pictures from. Pulled my camera on Friday and I had pictures of toms every morning all week. So it should be a slam dunk right? Wrong! Saturday morning we...
  17. Blaster

    Turkey Updates

    Has anyone been out scouting yet? If so what are you seeing. I went down south last weekend and saw some large groups. The toms were starting to strut. Not much gobbling but it was windy that morning. I would think they would start breaking up soon.
  18. Blaster

    Ground Blind

    I'm in the market for a new ground blind. Anybody baught the new DB double wide? I have been looking at those. I would really like to find a used Matrix but you can't find them anyware.
  19. Blaster

    Tag your bucks!

    Guys. I have now heard 2 storys of guys getting there buck and bow taken from them for not tagging there bucks before they moved the animal. Both guys tagged the bucks after taking pictures. Both guys put pictures on facebook and internet sites like this one and the DNR saw the pictures. One was...
  20. Blaster

    Cool Picture

    My Camera caught my boy and I trying to stalk a small buck. The camera wasn't the only thing that busted us. The buck took off before Drew could get the shot off. So he is still looking for his first deer.
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