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Search results

  1. Benelliblaster

    Pse revenge 2013

    Im sellin my pse revenge set at 28/70 but adjustable without a press (obviously). Comes all set up just bought it in August but im gonna grab the DNA I do believe. Its got: Qad ultra rest hdx, 30.06 outdoors illuminated 4 pin sight, jack knife camera phone mount and a cheapo skullworks stab. Oh...
  2. Benelliblaster


    Anyone know of somewhere a guy can get into some perch through the ice in eastern iowa? Crappie and bluegill is gettin old! Thanks!!
  3. Benelliblaster

    dead deer

    I found a small dead buck tonight on the way home from my stand. No roads anywhere close and could not find any blood or a hole where it was shot. Is it possible that EHD will kill a deer this late in the year? He didnt look like he had been dead more than a few days or a week.
  4. Benelliblaster

    thanksgiving bucks

    Ive heard alot of people say and read on here that they see thier biggest bucks around thanksgiving. Ive never hunted that late in November and if I dont tag out before then does anyone have any pointers for hunting that part of the month or do ya just use your go to rut strategy? Thanks!
  5. Benelliblaster

    gorilla climber

    Have the chance to buy a gorilla climber from a relative of a friend. Ive never used a climber but its brand new in the box and he wants $80 for it. The reviews I read online made it seem like its not even worth that. Are they as bad as what people say?
  6. Benelliblaster

    midday today

    Anyone got any pointers on tryin to get a deer midday this time of year? Im lookin to get a doe in the truck. Want some meat like ya wouldnt believe. Or am I just wastin time huntin before 3 or 4 pm?
  7. Benelliblaster

    need a few pointers...

    Got permission to hunt a little piece of ground that Ive been seein a good buck on from the road. Heres the problem. No trees I can hang a stand in. Theres and overgrown weedy cornfield with a few patches of scraggly crap trees. Dunno what they are so ill call them that. No way your puttin a...
  8. Benelliblaster

    Strike one!

    Well it happened the way it was supposed to this morning. Besides missing by a mile. Had a few does come across the beans within about 30 yds from my stand, picked one, and sent one flying... straight over her back! Best part is I got it all on video! Lots of season left oh well I suppose...
  9. Benelliblaster

    public land in Allamakee

    Anyone know good public timber in allamakee county? I might be in that neck of the woods next month and if I can get some hunting in while im there all the better. Thanks!
  10. Benelliblaster

    Pse revenge

    Alrite guys, bought a revenge a few months ago, love the bow been shootin it alot and stack em up BUT today I went out shooting and after about 5 shots are started noticing a "pop" when I drew it back. Couldnt figure out what it was for the longest time. Then my buddy noticed my "cable guard" I...
  11. Benelliblaster

    ebay for broadheads

    I highly recommend shopping ebay for your broadheads. I paid $45 with free shipping for 2 packs of bloodrunner 2 blades. Theres a ton of deals like that on there for rages as well. BARGAINS!
  12. Benelliblaster

    like 3 years overdue.

    I have been a member here about 3 years and never introduced myself. I really enjoy the site and all the helpful information that comes along with it. I am from eastern iowa, I started hunting gun season with my dad and uncle when I was 12 near garber in clayton county on my uncles farm. Didnt...
  13. Benelliblaster

    NAP Bloodrunners

    I shot nap bloodrunner 3 blades last year. Like em, shot good got good blood found both deer I shot fairly quick. Anybody shot the 2 blades? Was thinkin about tryin them because they have a much larger cut but was wondering how they fly. Dont wanna buy em and have em not shoot like the 3 blades...
  14. Benelliblaster

    H & R ultra slug hunter

    Im lookin for one of these in 12 gauge. (Just in case I call it quits with the handgun early). Would prefer one with the nice laminated wood and thumbhole stock. Im in eastern iowa if somebody has one they would part with please let me know. Thanks!
  15. Benelliblaster

    smartphone bow mount

    Just saw one of these in dicks. Anyone used one? Ill probably go back for it... I dont have a camera and it seems like it would be pretty slick.
  16. Benelliblaster

    pictures from phone?

    Anybody know how to upload pictures from your phone? I caught my biggest trout to date a couple weekends ago on the fly. Would love to share it but dont know. Thanks in advance.
  17. Benelliblaster

    Handgun hunting

    Cant make up my mind on what revolver I want for deer. I stand hunt in gun season on my own and wanna try a handgun this year, any opionions? I was leanin towards a .357 but have been told by a few guys to go bigger like a .41 or .44? Thanks fellas.
  18. Benelliblaster

    Bear carnage

    Im lookin for a new bow. Im narrowed down to pse, martin (onza only really) or the bear carnage. Really like the looks of the carnage but was wonderin if anyone has shot one and has anything bad to say about it. Next weekend im thinkin about goin to shoot one myself but I figured this site is my...
  19. Benelliblaster

    Yellow River trout fishing

    Well this spring, the gal and I are takin a trip to the yellow river for a weekend and im lookin to do some fly fishin. Any tips on cabins or what streams to hit? Thanks
  20. Benelliblaster

    cva wolf

    Well I think I found a bargain? Whats the popular opinion on the cva wolf? I understand they are fairly cheap to begin with but are they decent muzzys? I have the chance to pick one up very cheap.
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