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Search results

  1. R

    Question on 24D ester

    Anyone know what rate I should use for 24D ester when mixing with roundup for a good burn down before planting turnips? Also how long does one have to wait to plant? thanks
  2. R


    Just curious when i should apply P&K for my late July Turnip planting plots?? Thanks
  3. R

    Planting times?

    With the cool temps right now, I was curious when guys in southern Iowa would start planting there soybean plots?
  4. R

    Wet spring food plotting?

    So in the past I've somewhat followed DBL tre's rotation with followings fall planted brassica with spring planting oats and clover. As wet as it is and the upcoming forecast when would it be to late or a waste yo plant clover with the oats? I always follow up in the fall with eye and red...
  5. R

    Planting after rain

    i tilled my plots on Wednesday in preparation to plant Rutabagas on Thursday! I had them Cultipacked and ready but I received 1.75 inch’s of rain before I got them seeded! My question is do you think I need to rework the ground and Cultipack before seeding or can I still just put the seed down...
  6. R

    Mowing cereal rye

    When should one mow their winter rye so it won't drop seeds into future brassica plot? Thanks
  7. R

    Planting fire break seed into seeded Rye

    I planted some Rye late last year where my firebreaks would be for my new Crp seeding! I now have to actually seed my fire breaks! My question is the eyes not very tall yet can I drill the fire break seed into it or should I spray the Rye first? I will be using a no till drill! Thanks
  8. R

    Cellular camera

    I would like to purchase a few cellular cameras that will work in Van Buren or Davis County. Does anyone have any experience or advice on something tharlt Wii get reception?? I tried Llt Acorns a couple years back with At&t and had no luck getting reception!!
  9. R

    Killing locust tree's

    What method's do people use to kill locust tree's?? I have been girdling them and when the bark and thorns fall off I cut them up for fire wood. Should I put something on the stumps??
  10. R

    Fertilizing ground??

    I've been following Dbl tree's rotation for acouple years on some farms and just a year on another. I put 3 tons per acre of lime on last spring and know with having the clover always there that my needs of nitrogen are not high. But i do think i need some P&K put down because my Brassicas...
  11. R

    Covert cameras

    Where is the best place to order a Covert camera and what is the best model to buy??? i'm getting ready to buy a couple camera's and from what i read on here Covert seems to rank high! I currently run alot of Cuddie backs so not real familiar with other brands! Thanks for your info!
  12. R

    Clethodim Spray

    I have a couple acres of turnips and radishes that have volunteer oats coming up with them. Rural King is on back order for Clethodim and ivwould like to spray this weekend. Would any one between Iowa city and Douds be willing to sell me some?? Thanks
  13. R

    Grain drills for food plots

    I am possibly looking to purshase an old grain drill to seed food plots. I have a few questions. Is their a cetain brand/ model that works best? Will one of these drills seed turnip/radish seed. Do I still have to culltipack the ground after I drill the seed. Any other thoughts/ info would be...
  14. R

    Hayward, WI fishing trip

    I am getting ready to leave Friday for Hayward Wisconsin to fish Chippewa Flowage lake and this will be my first visit their. Can anyone give me any feed back on the lake or any info that would help out? I would greatly appreciate your feedback!!! Thanks
  15. R

    Acorn trail cameras

    Can anyone give me any reviews or info about the LTL Acorn trail cams. Especially the models that send pictures to your phone. Thanks
  16. R

    What muzzelloader to buy.

    Planning on going to Bass pro tomorrow and looking and possibly buying a new 50cal muzzy. I have heard good things about the new CVA 50 cal. What are every ones thoughts on a good muzzy? Thanks inadvance.
  17. R

    lil acorn trial cams

    I am looking for reveiws and any info anyone has on the lil acorn cams. Ive been told certain models can be usedto receive pictures om your cell phone or computer. Wheres the best place to purshase these? Thanks in advance!!!!
  18. R

    cultipacker for sale

    I have a 7 foot Dunham cuitipacker. The whole is around 8 foot wide but actual packing wheels measure around 7 foot. This packer is in good shape and works good behind a quad or small tra tor or UTV. It works well on yards or food plots. I am selling it because I have a bigger one. Asking 650...
  19. R

    Best combination of sprays for Red Cedar

    Next week end I plan on spraying around some year old transplanted Red cedars. I also will be transplanting some more and was wondering the best combination of sprays to use for this time of year? I assume the trees are coming out of dormancy due to the above normal temperature this year. Any...
  20. R

    CIR VS. Egyptian Wheat

    Why do people plant Egyptian wheat for a screen and not plant some type of tall switch grass that will come back year after year? I know there are times when people dont want it there for long term, but if you are trying to create a screen along a road year after year wouldn't it be more...
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