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  1. M

    Senate version of NRLO bill SSB 3129

    Sligh1......I'd be happy with 1 tag and ,must have owned land 10 years before you get tag ,and be at least 70 years old ......or if your 60 and have owned 160 acres of land for 10 years you get 1 tag .....kinda selfish on my part 'cause I might be only one that qualifies !. :)
  2. M

    Senate version of NRLO bill SSB 3129

    That's how my bookkeeper categorizes expenses....not saying all expenses are written off...that spreadsheet is shared with my accountant and he only writes off what is allowed....
  3. M

    Senate version of NRLO bill SSB 3129

    My bookkeeper has 24 different expense categories for the Iowa farms. Accounting, Auto, Bank Service charges, Cameras ( 44 plus 6 cellulars),Contract labor, Dues & Subscriptions,Food & Beverage, Food Plot Supplies, Hunting Misc., Insurance,Interest expense, Permits & Fees, Office Supplies...
  4. M

    Senate version of NRLO bill SSB 3129

    I am a 70 plus yr. old NRLO. Worked 3 jobs most of my life and bought my first IA. farm in 2003......still work 2 jobs..... I would draw a bow tag every other year in the early 2000's ....that was ok with me.....it now takes me 4 points in my pocket to draw on the 5th year.( I only bow hunt)...
  5. M

    camera best bang for your buck

    Love my Browning Strike Force HD 10mp.....have a bunch of them and a bunch of Coverts and Brownings best......Midway USA has their version on sale for $99. I believe.
  6. M

    Advertising Hunting Land

    try Land and Farm...good search options
  7. M

    EHD in SE Iowa?

    Friend of mine in Van Buren has found 10 dead so far.....he has heard of others reporting finds...
  8. M

    Sligh1 - October 1 Buck, Great Opener! "REST OF THE STORY"....

    All the best adjectives already used up...so ....what can I say?.....well.....that is sure nice to see that BIG OLD bucks are SOMETIMES taken by GOOD GUYS ......(that would be YOU Skip).....well deserved.......
  9. M

    EDH Madison Co

    Friend found 2 suspected EHD bucks West of Blakesburg and south of the Ranch and 4 in Van Buren Co.....Hope folks will post other finds and what counties/ area of county they were found in.......just trying to get idea how severe it is
  10. M


    Have bought 6 rec. farms over the last 12 years. Sold 3 and did 1031 exchange to upgrade and buy the 3 farms I currently own, 330 acres one of which is a house on an 80. Nothing like rolling out of bed and walking out the back door to hunt. The farms have been the single BEST investment I have...
  11. M

    WTH? Boone and Crocket Woodpecker?

    Pileated woodpecker http://www.bing.com/images/search/?q=Pileated+Woodpecker+Holes+in+Trees&id=1201CFD55537146757BFBFAFA579FADCF1277EDF&FORM=BRQONH
  12. M

    WTH? Boone and Crocket Woodpecker?

  13. M

    Bin Run soybeans?

    Hans has it right....beleive it or not Roundup Ready crops cannot be legally planted for food plots...and bin run is a violation on top of that...WHY ?? Because Monsanto, DuPont and others spend tens of millions of dollars on developing products that benefit both the farmer and the company that...
  14. M

    Herbicide for tree and shrub planting

    Roundup ( glyphosate ) is safe to use at the base of the trees to kill emerged, green weeds and grass. If you want to extend the length of control you can tank mix it with a number of pre-emergent herbicides. If you can find Surflan( oryzalin) that will do a decent job of preveting weed seed...
  15. M

    Lease rate

    Here is another reason,not mentioned, that farmers lease. They are sick and tired of some local slob hunters that believe it is their right to hunt in the area where they grew up...regardless of who owns the land. A few years back I bought a small piece of ground in So. Iowa.....I made it a...
  16. M

    Very BAD day. Found my best 3 year old dead this morning

    Shorty after purchasing my Iowa property I was shed hunting my farms and some friends farms....couldn't believe the number of dead bucks we found and continue to find...many over the hill, out of sight, in draws, etc.....that's when my Iowa friend told me the saying, " they shoot until they are...
  17. M


    Hy-Vee ? :)
  18. M

    cobuying land

  19. M

    Enclosed Blinds???

    Originally Posted by Medicine Man Shadow Hunter blinds are nice but I just ordered what I believe is a far better blind... Hunter Comfort Archer blinds. ( They have combo blinds too) ...Watch the video on construction of the blind. ....I am 6'-1" and no problem drawing bow...totally quiet...
  20. M

    Makes no sense

    About 8 years ago I posed question to Steve Dermand (DNR Conservation Officers boss in Des Moines)...His answer was the gun hunters complain that the bow hunters have a long season that includes the rut......we want our season without them...he never mentioned ( as I recall) safety as being an...
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