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Search results

  1. Crab Claws 12

    Couple firsts for me

    Shot my first deer with a long bow. And shot my first buck behind the heads up decoy. Hunting them on the ground eye to eye is intense! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Crab Claws 12

    2017 Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt

    Went on my first pronghorn antelope hunt in Wyoming this year. What a blast we had chasing these weary goats! I was lucky enough to tag a nice buck and a doe, my buddy also tagged an awesome buck. 2017 antelope camp.
  3. Crab Claws 12

    2016 Trad Harvest

    This year I committed to hunting with the stick bow again for the challenge and satisfaction I get from hunting with trad gear. I have a favorite tree I like to hunt on south wind days and it produced again for me, I sat it Saturday the 5th from sun up till sun down saw some good action around...
  4. Crab Claws 12

    Elite E35

    I have a 2014 Elite E35 for sale, Ninja Black, New Custom Blaze Orange Strings, the bow has 60lb limbs 30" draw. I used this bow mainly for indoor shoots and 3D its in very good condition, bow only. Asking $600 OBO. PM me or call (641)420-0826.
  5. Crab Claws 12

    Couple firsts this year

    About a year ago I bought a Bear recurve off ebay, shot it alot all summer at 3-D shoots and almost every night after work, I felt pretty confident out to 20yrds. I really wanted to take a deer with it. I hunted several times early in October with no shot oportunities. On November 1st I hunted...
  6. Crab Claws 12

    1-1-2014 Late Muzzle Buck

    Me and some buddys all way get together and hunt on the first of the year, it way a balmy -6 when I left the house that morning, with 5 iches of fresh snow it was perfect for some still hunting through the woods, I spotted this buck with several other deer on the edge of a small ravine, I used...
  7. Crab Claws 12

    My iowa mule deer

    Well, not a mule deer but he sure has similar characteristics. Last Saturday I wussed out and decided not to sit in my tree stand,it was a whopping 9 degrees that morning. I decided to drive around some of my hunting areas to see what was moving that morning. Just at sunrise I spotted this buck...
  8. Crab Claws 12

    Autumn scores on her first trukey!

    This is my daughters first turkey hunt with her being the shooter, I finaly got her over her fear of shooting a gun, she did an awsome job taking her first turkey saturday morning, at 15yrds out the the blind, we had two jakes come right in to the pretty boy, she smoked the first bird that...
  9. Crab Claws 12

    Nebraska bow opener

    Any one else hunting the Nebraska bow opener, my cousin and I are headed west tomarrow to scout for the opener on sunday, hopefully will have some harvest photos to share next week! Good luck to all this spring!
  10. Crab Claws 12

    Auto pilot

    What are some ways you prepare your self for the shot? I have my own routine, but would like to hear what others do to perpare your self for the shoot from the time you see the deer and decide to shoot it till you release the arrow. Some times I feel like I go into auto pilot and its just a...
  11. Crab Claws 12

    Nov. 7th bow buck no tracking required!

    I was hunting the same tree I shot the crab claw buck from last year, this guy came through at 8 oclock monday morning nose to the ground, crossed at 43yrds, I think he jumped my string, I hit him in the spine straight down he went. My second best public ground buck, should gross in the mid 150s.
  12. Crab Claws 12

    Crab Claws

    Nov. 6th turned out to be my best morning in the stand, this guy came through at 8:30 no to the ground sent checking the down wind side of the ridge i was set up on, I grunted with my voice to stop him at 10 ydrds, hit him perfect behind the shoulder he never knows what hit him, he ran 40yrds...
  13. Crab Claws 12

    ear noch

    http://iowawhitetail.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=219&pictureid=2118 I got a pic of this deer two years ago, never saw him last year, was pleasantly suprised to see him still around. I quessed him as a 4 1/2 two years ago, his rack is about the same, a little more mass, but his body is MUCH...
  14. Crab Claws 12

    Iowa games

    Any one shooting at the Iowa games this weekend?
  15. Crab Claws 12

    Elk in north east iowa?

    This past weekend while turkey hunting around Yellow River Forest I saw two cow elk and a bull on public hunting ground. wondering if any body els has seen them? I noticed a yellow ear tag in one of the cows.
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