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Search results

  1. F

    NAP Killzones

    Anyone use new out of the package Killzones this past year? I have heard that some people have had issues with blades breaking on the newer BHs. In foam targets, not in animals or on rocks. Wanting info to see if I need to find some old ones that were stockpiled by someone or look for a new BH.
  2. F

    US Cellular Spartan Cams

    Can anyone comment on Spartan cameras with US Cellular service? I looked through older posts but most mentioned Verizon and AT&T. The other I saw that US Cellular was offering a plan for these cameras and $5 a month. These cameras have been out for a few years now, and wondering how the...
  3. F

    Sitka vs IWOM

    Anyone have experience comparing these two "systems"? I am trying to decide between the two. TIA.
  4. F

    Milk Weed

    Those of you that are using milk weed silk as a wind detector: Are you taking the seed off the silk before using it or leaving it on? If you are taking it off, what is the best way you have found to take it off the silk? Thanks.
  5. F

    Morning hunt, to decoy or not

    I have watched two toms for the past couple days come to a field and leave it at the same spot every day. Do I just set a blind and ambush or put out decoys, since in the past there have been some hens in the field and can not be as predictable. If decoying thoughts on what to put out. I have up...
  6. F

    Self bow staves

    Any of you that make your own bow, I have a question. I have six osage 6-7 ft. bolts that I cut 3-4 yrs ago and have been sitting outside leaned up against my porch. Could I still split them into staves and make a bow? I am wondering if they would be to dry and hardened to work into a bow and be...
  7. F

    Non-Resident draw

    I have a few family members that are wanting to put in for archery season next year. Can anyone fill me in on the process of applying for tags? Can they apply as a group or is it all individual? How many points is it typically to draw for the very NE Corner of the state (Not sure what the zone...
  8. F

    Tree Saddle Hunting

    Anyone use a tree saddle type rig to hunt? I'm looking for ways to make it easier to do hang and hunt style hunts. I usually do not have the time to pre-hang sets, even on the private ground I hunt. If there is anyone that uses this style of hunting I have follow up questions.
  9. F

    Balancing it all

    So, we are 13 days into the season and I have not sat once. Between work and other commitments time has been short to enjoy a hunt. I have been thinking today of how I can make the most of my time to get hunting time in and still cover other commitments. I have been thinking of only bow hunting...
  10. F

    Making the perfect treestand

    So with everyone thinking about treestands lately, I started thinking what would be the perfect treestand design be if I could make one. I like the cast platforms, mellennium seats. Through out your ideas for any stands.
  11. F

    Postal Money Order

    Has anyone ever used a Postal Money Order for purchasing stuff from another individual? I would be the one receiving the money order. Do you cash it at the Post Office? Thanks.
  12. F

    Just for off season discussion

    I have been thinking lately about all the setups that I have, and if I really need all these stands and have to store them during the of season. So this got me thinking. You can have only one setup, to hunt from for any locations that you think you might encounter. Personally I have a...
  13. F

    Run 'N Gun blind

    Looking for any input on light weight blinds to run n gun with. I will be bow hunting. Thanks.
  14. F

    Cleaning out stuff taking up space

    Barronett Pulse blind: $80 Used this past year, normal wear for being out through the season. Older Ameristep blind: $40 Not sure what model it is and most of the windows were cut to make it work at set up. DSD Turkey decoys: $100 Half Strut Jake, $90 Up Right Hen. Older hard plastic style...
  15. F

    DSD Turkey Decoys

    I have a DSD Jake Half Strut decoy and an upright Hen decoy that I am willing to sell. Both are the older hard plastic style. The Jake's head was broken off and I re-glued it back on. DSD says that they will fix damaged decoys, I just never took the time to send it in. I have used the Jake after...
  16. F

    BH 209 issue

    This was my first year using BH 209, 100 gr charge. I had no problems while sighting in and during shotgun season. On Saturday I tried to shoot a doe and did not get a good ignition. The bullet and sabot exited the barrel but I am sure did not go far. At the shot heard more of a hiss as the...
  17. F

    Muzzleloader quick reload

    What does everyone use to carry reloads for their muzzleloaders? I am shooting loose powder. I bought some no name reloading tubes from somewhere and the Crusher sabots will not go in them. I have some TC ones that are for my Hawken's that hold the bullet with the charge on top of it. The lid...
  18. F

    More blinds

    Since blinds seem to be a hot topic right now. Has anyone built their own blinds that are more along the lines of a pop up size? I would like to make a few that are hopefully somewhat cheaper, will stand up to the weather better, but are somewhat "easily" movable (can move with a small sled...
  19. F


    How many of you here are in need of a contractor to fulfill management plan work on properties? Who would be willing to pay for someone to do management work for hunting, food plots, hang stands, etc.? If you know of people in need of these services, other than yourself, chime in. I am...
  20. F

    Cabela's buy out rumor

    Has anyone heard anything about this? I heard about it today. I guess Bass Pro is looking to buy them out. Did some searching, pretty much came up with that it is being looked at by both companies. Here is just one of the links...
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