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Search results

  1. K

    Frost Seeding

    Awesome, thanks. I didn't think it would be a problem, but wanted to check on here to be sure!
  2. K

    Frost Seeding

    Quick question about frost seeding some clover. Was planning on doing it tomorrow morning (temps looking good for the next 10 days or so), but noticed we're supposed to get 1-3" of snow in my part of the state on Tuesday. Never had experience frost seeding ahead of a snowstorm so I wanted to ask...
  3. K

    Deer Limping major problem- hoove issues- multiple deer/farms?!?!????

    Hey Skip. I had recently posted in the harvest report about my buck that I shot during muzzleloader season and he had the exact same thing you are describing. Swollen and infected back right hoof and he could not put any weight on it. He didn't look right at all. He was 4.5, but there was no way...
  4. K

    IBA Spring Banquet February 13th 2016

    I became an IBA member about a year ago and will certainly be attending the banquet for the first time this February. Looking forward to meeting some new people and hearing what Bill Winke has to say. Should be a great time and I hope to learn a few things as well.
  5. K


    That's a great buck! Congrats!
  6. K

    December 29th Archery Buck

    What a giant! Congrats!
  7. K

    Got it done Happy New Years

    Great buck, congrats!
  8. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thank you!
  9. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thank you! Haha.. It is quite ironic you bring up the "Sheriff". This buck was named The Deputy due to his similarities to another buck on our farm (named The Sheriff) that sadly we have not seen since last November.
  10. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thank you!
  11. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thanks a lot! The pics are showing up on the thread on my computer, hopefully I did not make an error while posting them
  12. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thanks a lot! He is certainly a cool looking deer!
  13. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thanks a lot! I was videoing myself this hunt, but normally one of my brothers is running camera or vice versa. The footage sometimes has lower quality when self-filming, but I love the added challenge. I will be working on editing our 2015 footage in the coming month and I will have our videos...
  14. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thank you!
  15. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thank you! No, we aren't sure what happened to his leg, but we are hoping to gather more info on the time frame of the injury once we pull cards on Monday. It looks to maybe have gotten caught in a fence or something of that nature. It was badly injured about midway up his back leg. The lower...
  16. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    Thanks a lot!
  17. K

    The Deputy- Late Muzzleloader Buck

    I was able to take a buck we named "The Deputy" on the afternoon of December 29th. It was the first day after the snow storm and the conditions were perfect. The Deputy was a great 4.5 year old buck. We had planned on giving him at least one more year, but his back right leg was badly injured...
  18. K

    O'Day Outdoors Hunting Videos

    Hey everyone, hope the season has been treating you well so far! I do not usually comment a whole lot on this site, but I certainly keep up with the posts and use it as a great educational tool. It's an awesome resource and hats off to everyone who makes it flow. I've learned a great deal by...
  19. K


    Wanted to get some suggestions on how to deal with thistle in our clover plot. The thistle is terrible on our farm and we've been trying to spray all of the spots that aren't in our food plots. The stuff is a parasite and I am beyond frustrated with it. Anyways, we have a clover plot that was...
  20. K


    They were supposed to be in spraying for the farmer who cash rents and he planted corn this season so I am assuming they sprayed roundup or something similar. I think we will probably go with the rye and clover mix in August. Thanks for all the help
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