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Search results

  1. doublerack

    LW Stand Wanted

    PM me if anyone has a LW hang on they want to sell.
  2. doublerack

    we've got bone

    It doesnt surprise me this testosterone filled jerk is the first to shed his velvet.
  3. doublerack

    Shoot or Pass?

    I know this buck to be at least 5yrs old, maybe 6. I know his genetics too. He looks exactly like an 8pt from 2009 that kept all the bigger yet less aggressive bucks off my property. I'm sure he's related. Above average 8pt rack, giant 300 lb body. Bad temperment too. I've wrapped my tag...
  4. doublerack


    This guy showed up in late June. Have not seen him since. Sure hope he decides to come back. I'd like to get to get updated pics and see him up close!
  5. doublerack

    Not Bad

    I believe this is the wide 8pt I took pics of with my DSLR a few weeks back. Not a stud, but wide and a respectable deer. 4 1/2 yr old? Anyone want to second that vote ?
  6. doublerack

    where why?

    Are all the pics? Are people running cameras? Not getting anything worthy? Or just not wanting to share?
  7. doublerack

    Scouting Pics

    Took my DSLR with me when I went to hang trail cams last night. The deer had already beat me out to the field, but I snapped a few decent pics. I think the last one is my favorite. These were from about 300-400 yards with a 300 mm lens.
  8. doublerack

    4 or 5yr old?

    He's a stout aggressive buck and he's back for 2015. (I may have posted pics of him last year. Can't remember) Based on the last 3 years of photos, how old do you think this buck is.
  9. doublerack

    Would you rather..

    Assuming moderate hunting pressure with little management practices on surrounding properties, would you rather buy a farm that hasn't been hunted in 10 yrs, or one that has been managed over 10 years? I know size is a factor, so let's just say 200 acres. Im currious. I have my own opinion on...
  10. doublerack

    Management Buck

  11. doublerack

    Anyone have a youth safety harness?

    Does anyone in the Des Moines area have a youth safety harness they want to get rid of?
  12. doublerack


    Any guesses on age of this old boy? I've hunted this farm for 5 years and have pics of him from each season. Can't seem to find 2010 and 2011, but he has looked about the same every year. I've never seen him once during daylight nor do I have a daytime photo of him. He's not a dominant buck...
  13. doublerack


    I posted pics of this buck earlier in the year. Based on history, I'm confident he's 4.5. I'm hoping he's a late bloomer and as a 5.5 and that he will "catchup" to his body.
  14. doublerack

    Worst trail cam year & stunted growth

    2014 has been the worst trail cam year I've had in 8 years. Both camera problems and lack of big & mature deer. I don't think I have a single buck on camera that will score over 160" and the 4 mature bucks I had been getting on camera all disappeared around July 10th and haven't been seen since...
  15. doublerack

    Another 3-4yr old jump

    A little growth. Should definitely be a shooter next year.
  16. doublerack

    Same Buck? Age?

  17. doublerack

    2013 - 2014 Same Buck

    Considering how bad this winter was, this buck amazes me. He carried both sides into April and now he has more growth then any other buck I've got on camera. Here's a little comparison to last yr. Not much difference. Sure hope that G3 hangs on. Any guesses on age?
  18. doublerack

    High Rack 10

    Caught up to a buck I had a 4 yr history with. He wasn't top of the hitlist, but he was mature (6yr old) aggressive, and spindly genetics I didn't want on this farm. Self filmed hunt and turned out to be a very cool day. Full story here...
  19. doublerack

    Kaare, Did you send one of your Sask bucks down to IA?

    I think his daddy was part bovine.
  20. doublerack


    So, I've never seen this buck before. Judging by his body, he's a young buck. He's got a ton of potential. I have recent video of him and he's now a 6x5. What do you think of his age? I'm going to say 3yr old?
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