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Search results

  1. Shovelbuck

    Photobucket holding pics for ransom. :(

    Well, Photobucket has gone over the edge for sure. They now want $400.00 yearly for users to use there site for third party hosting. All pics are being blocked unless you pay up. I just noticed this morning that all my pics are gone from here and other sites. I can promise one...
  2. Shovelbuck

    Trap Spring Knife

    Nothing currently but can let you know when I do.
  3. Shovelbuck

    Living in the Central flyway "pic heavy"

    Thanks! Camera is a Canon 7D MarkII with a Tamron 150-600mm lens.
  4. Shovelbuck

    Nikon Coolpix P900

    A photography friend has one and she gets great pics with it.
  5. Shovelbuck

    Trap Spring Knife

    Sold pending funds.
  6. Shovelbuck

    Trap Spring Knife

    From my bench recently, nice custom knife forged from a trap spring. About a 3.5 inch blade with cherry wood handles. 75.00 to your door in the lower 48.
  7. Shovelbuck

    Boot knife for sale

    From my bench...........3 inch blade with fancy file work, walnut handle with silver plate accents. Sheath is also wood with silver plate accent. Made to be inside boot or worn inside your sock. 100.00 and I will pay for the ride in the lower 48.
  8. Shovelbuck

    Gentlemans Bowie

    Custom knife from my bench..........9 inch blade from an old rasp. Great steel!!! Comes with leather sheath. 200.00 and i'll pay for the ride in the loser 48.
  9. Shovelbuck

    New Custom Hunting Knife

    Lower price, I really need this one to find a new home. 125.00 and I'll pay for the ride in the lower 48.
  10. Shovelbuck

    Prairie Chickens

    Don't know if you guys have these in Iowa or not but they are a blast to watch do their spring time rituals. :)
  11. Shovelbuck

    New Custom Hunting Knife

    Anybody????? Great knife for the money.
  12. Shovelbuck

    New Custom Hunting Knife

    Fresh from my bench and for sale . 4.5 inch high carbon steel blade, 9 inches overall. Antler handle with micarta and osage end caps. Some decorative file work on the spine. Heavy duty riveted leather sheath with belt clip. $150.00 or I'm sometimes interested in trades.
  13. Shovelbuck

    Bustin some beaks!

    Looks like great times. Awesome pics too!!!
  14. Shovelbuck

    Living in the Central flyway "pic heavy"

    I'm actually in south central Ne. About 10 miles north of I-80 at Grand Island. The snows are just getting here this past week. Plenty more to come. :)
  15. Shovelbuck

    Living in the Central flyway "pic heavy"

    I wouldn't trade anything for living smack dab in the middle of the central flyway during migration in late winter/early spring. :) I can't step outside without hearing or seeing geese and other feathered fowl. All that plus the eagles follow the fowl so they are here in full force also. Here's...
  16. Shovelbuck

    Old Time Hunting Photos

    Awesome history pics!
  17. Shovelbuck

    Heaviest deer you've ever killed?

    Couple bucks in the 200 pound class but the most memorable was a doe that boned out 95 lbs of meat!
  18. Shovelbuck

    Double Bull Down

    WOW!!!! Awesome elk and scenery!
  19. Shovelbuck

    How long you've been deer hunting

    Started bowhunting when I was 15, so 45 years now. Shot my first deer when 16. I bow hunted exclusively until the late 80's. I think our first muzzleloading season here was around 88 and have been chasing them with traditional ml's ever since. Don't bow hunt much for deer anymore, found using a...
  20. Flintlock buck 2016

    Flintlock buck 2016

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