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  1. Bakes

    draw results

    Impossible: unless someone messed up their application, which can't be done with the online application process or like someone else said the person with 3 points applied in a party with people with one or zero points.
  2. Bakes

    Wanting to buy land

    I own 240 acres in Wayne County that I don't have listed that I would entertain offers on. 100 acres of tillable and 140 bottom/timber ground. +/- 85 acres of it is enrolled in CRP until 2017. ALL the landowners in the section manage their land for big bucks. If you are interested give me a call...
  3. Bakes

    In need of a cape

    Got the call from my taxidermist, he said my cape will not work due to brisket and arm pits being sliced. So, I am looking for a cape for the buck I shot in Nebraska this past season. I took it to a processer, explained everything and he still managed to mess it up. His measurements are 7.5" x...
  4. Bakes

    Hey Tagged Out, do you still have the 70 Bronco for sale?

    Hey Tagged Out, do you still have the 70 Bronco for sale?
  5. Bakes

    New Hunting Buddy..

    Congrats Liv. Enjoy all the years to come! Bakes
  6. Bakes

    Any here shoot traditional bows only?

    I just got my new Tall Tines Longbow and I have been shooting down the basement working on my form, I have a lot to learn. I am fully commited to switching over for 2013 fall. Can't wait to kill my first buck with it. My antler size requirements might go down for a year or two ; )
  7. Bakes

    Congrats Droptine37

    Congrats Sean you must be on cloud nine :way: Can you do us a couple things when you go to the White House? 1. Wear an Iowawhitetail.com shirt 2. Play catch with Obama :thrwrck:
  8. Bakes

    puff of smoke?

    Most of the new high quality sporting guns such as the one our President is holding is ported to reduce recoil to make a quick recovery on the second bird. Most skeet and sporting clay courses have follow up shots, whether it's a double or report pair. To answer the original question what is...
  9. Bakes

    Got My 224" Mount Back!!!

    Helluva buck and helluva mount!
  10. Bakes

    If u were the "Deer Dictator" on Laws- what would u do?

    I understand that and I know the NR do this, but it is a popular resident practice as well. I would get rid of party hunting all together but you will have guys that say this is a tradition and that they enjoy the comradery of hunting with buddies this way.
  11. Bakes

    If u were the "Deer Dictator" on Laws- what would u do?

    A bit confused as to why party hunting is considered a "NR loop hole". Party hunting in Iowa was around long before Iowa was known for it's big bucks. The shedbuck/late doe season with rifles needs to stop ASAP! Everything ends Dec 31! Someone said something about a shed hunting licence? I...
  12. Bakes

    Sorry for being redundant

    We are just west of Centerville and we used Lockridge. They did a great job.
  13. Bakes

    2012 Harvest Photo Contest

    Shot this guy in Nebraska on Nov. 6th
  14. 2012 Nebraska Buck

    2012 Nebraska Buck

  15. Bakes

    IW Decal Give Away

    I put a cap on the rig, need one for the cap window now!
  16. Bakes

    Bowhunting Lease, 240 acres in Zone 5

    All PM's sent, good talking with you today Brian.
  17. Bakes

    Bowhunting Lease, 240 acres in Zone 5

    JNR - we are pretty confident our plots will turn out good, we have the knowledge (thanks Paul) and good equipment to get the job done right. If we get some precipitation over the next 2-3 months they should be fine. Each plot will be 40% Brassicas, 40% Cereal grains and 20% clover.
  18. Bakes

    Bowhunting Lease, 240 acres in Zone 5

    Thanks Hardwood.
  19. Bakes

    Solid Broadhead

    These things look pretty sweet. I am thinking about sticking these in the quiver this fall! I like the 125 deep six. http://solid-broadheads.com/
  20. Bakes

    Bowhunting Lease, 240 acres in Zone 5

    I have 240 acres for lease in south central Iowa, Wayne County. This lease is for 2 archery hunters, the lease runs from October 1st- November 30th. My brother was planning on hunting this farm in the fall but he was unsucessful with 2 points. • Managed since 2003 for trophy whitetails • 120...
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