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    How does this happen? Injury in velvet? Off side body injury? Wonder what next year brings.

    Air show tomorrow

    I plan to hunt a property that in the past, military jets getting ready to fly over Kinnick Stadium “queue over” as they time their approach flight. I’ve stood in the stand and saluted them in the past, doubt they saw me. Just heard on the news that they are to fly tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be...

    Iowa Bow hunters survey

    I was a little confused looking at the 2021 observation record sheet I got from the DNR. In the # of hours in the stand column, their printer skipped the period in the 3rd column of 4. I called DSM and they said to go ahead and add a dot in that third column if you hunt a half hour increment...

    Deer ticks

    Took a walk in the woods this morning and me and another person both picked up deer ticks. Yikes!!

    October cold front

    I'd like to see one..... Sure isn't in the 10 day forecast. Kind of hard to get excited about burning a stand in this weather. I'm thinking of hunting a low percentage spot to protect the better places, just would like to get a hunt in. I did find a scrape under an apple tree today, which...


    Um, sorry, but it isn't working. Fail again, nice try though.

    Running a license plate?

    I've got trailcam pics of a truck and driver somewhere they shouldn't oughta be. Is there a way to run the license plate short of contacting the county sheriff? Rather deal with this on a personal level rather than getting the law involved.

    Valid permit to carry

    I'm guessing they wrote the hunting regs before the July 1 law took effect? Now, a person doesn't need a valid permit to carry. Or is this regulation stricter than state law? "Cannot carry a handgun while hunting with a bow tag, unless hunter has an unfilled transportation tag for a season...

    COVID deer

    Not sure what to make of this….,. https://apple.news/AeE0oaS-hTL-ZMltLRKeYSw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Can I borrow your tractor?

    I really need some video for this, but I’m flying pretty much solo. I bought an IH424 with bucket and bush hog mower. Lower the bucket to knock trees over, drive over them, mower grinds them. I’ve run over some 4” black locust. Cleared some thickets this weekend. Lil tractor is impressing me and...


    Got the first cutting of asparagus tonight. Usually tells me to start looking for morels. Other indicators: turkey season and lilacs. Lilacs are WAY behind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    It's been a tough year


    Corn food plots

    Everyone knows corn has high nitrogen needs, which can make it expensive for a food plot. What if the plant captured it's own nitrogen like the corn variety Sierra Mixe? My first thought was COOL!! with the second thought being what could go wrong with introducing such a plant. Seems there is...


    When I recovered my archery buck last fall, I noticed that his hooves were "not normal" and thought maybe he was an EHD survivor. I opened up The National Deer Association email this morning and saw this EHD Hoof article. The buck I shot was walking in a stream and the shot came quickly, so I...

    2nd Amendment protection in Iowa Constitution

    On the Nov 2022 Ballot: click here You can believe Erica when she says her group is going to campaign hard to stop this. I'd like to see realistic statistics on how crime and domestic abuse will increase, pure hyperbole. Rep. Holt says it's up to the citizens now to get out and vote, truer...

    Santa cams

    Santa brought me a couple of cams to try out. The Crenova is a familiar style of camera, as I think I have one just like it but named “Disternert”. Lots of the cams get cranked out of Chinese factories that slap multiple names on a model. The Disternert I have has awesome trigger range, great...

    DNR Bow hunting survey

    Have you gotten yours in the mail? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    My sister shared pics of some pens her husband was turning out of wood with his lathe. I thought it might be cool to do a half dark wood, half antler. I cut some straight tines off some sheds and mailed them to him. I got these in the mail yesterday. All antler pens, Christmas gifts for my...

    Craigslist Cultipacker

    Might be what one of you is looking for: https://iowacity.craigslist.org/grd/d/ainsworth-cultipacker/7152505042.html

    Minnesota all rifles now?

    From an article I was reading, it appears that Minnesota has done away with the shotgun zones, now allowing rifles state wide? The rationale (as I understood it) was that with the improvement of shotguns, they were glorified rifles anyways, so why not open the door?
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