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Search results

  1. Fishbonker

    Rhino 660

    Sold it. Thanks for looking.
  2. Fishbonker

    AZ bans trail cams

    TRAIL CAM BAN LINK I don't know if anyone has seen this, it is for both public and private lands. Some interesting points.
  3. Fishbonker

    2021 wrap up

    Here is a brief synopsis of the bills that had threads. HJR8/SJR16 The right to hunt, fish trap and harvest wildlife This was a proposed amendment to Iowa’s constitution. Neither bill made it to a full committee. It is a perennial bill and it will return. HSB 157 Using dogs while fur...
  4. Fishbonker

    Session ends

    The first session of 89th General Assembly came to a close last night (5/19/21) at 2345. I'll go through the legislation from this thread and try to put together a synopsis of what did and didn't pass. It may take a day or two. Stay tuned.
  5. Fishbonker

    New use for an old product

    It was cold enough Saturday that I needed hand warmers. Sunday looked to be the same so I opened the handwarmer pack before I went out. What a difference a little sunshine makes in a blind. I just couldn't waste the $0.99 so I put them to good use. MMmmmmm, warm turkey sammich. A turkey was...
  6. Fishbonker

    SSB 1253 Another nasty nugget, Charitable Conservation Contribution Tax Credit

    Division 7 of this bill does away with the charitable conservation contribution tax credit. Copy and paste from the explanation section of the bill: DIVISION VII —— CHARITABLE CONSERVATION CONTRIBUTION TAX CREDIT. Division VII of the bill repeals the charitable conservation contribution tax...
  7. Fishbonker

    SSB1253 Another kick at the forest reserve program can

    This bill is part of a huge Ways and Means bill that covers lots of tax stuff. The bill itself is 35 pages long and the explanation section adds 16 more pages. Link to the bill: SSB 1253 The section in question starts of page 31. To my understanding, to qualify for the exemption the owner...
  8. Fishbonker

    SF 465 Littering

    Link to the bill: SF 465 I missed this the first time around, the Senate Natural Recourses and Environment Committee approved the bill so it is now eligible for floor debate. Why is a bill about littering posted here? Because if convicted of littering on areas controlled by the Natural...
  9. Fishbonker

    HF 647 Restore the Outdoors Fund

    Link to the bill: HF 647 The bill would transfer $3 million annually from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund to the newly created Restore the Outdoors Fund. The funds could only be used to repair existing structures or replace them if repairs would cost more. Also has a sunset clause of 2024
  10. Fishbonker

    HF 665 Tracking wounded deer

    Link to bill: HF 665 This bill makes it a misdemeanor to track deer at night without the property owners consent. The bill seems to distinguish between tracking deer just for the sake of tracking deer and tracking wounded or retrieving dead animals.
  11. Fishbonker

    HF 666 Tree stands on public ground

    Link to the bill: How close is too close? This bill would require the Natural Resources Commission to determine a buffer zone where tree stands are not allowed between public and private ground.
  12. Fishbonker

    HF 616 a bill about boats

    Link to the bill: HF 616 This bill would require, among other things, canoes and kayaks 11 feet and over to pay a registration fee. Currently canoes and kayaks 13 feet and over must pay the registration fee. 10 feet and under would remain exempt. I had heard about a desire to have all canoes...
  13. Fishbonker

    SF 427 An Act related to deer population management

    Link to the bill: SF 427 This is a huge bill. It has far reaching implications for deer and deer hunting in Iowa. The DNR held their annual State of the Deer Herd meeting yesterday. This is the meeting where they go over all of the harvest data for the previous year and show how the results...
  14. Fishbonker

    HF 544 Iowa's Water and Land Legacy

    Also known as IWiLL or Fund the Trust. This bill would increase the sales tax there by funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. It would also create a Baby Bond. The Baby Bond, as I understand it, would use any non-allocated revenue from the sales tax increase to...
  15. Fishbonker

    HF 406, Methods of take during NR holiday season

    Link to the bill: HF 406 This bill would add shotguns and straight wall rifles to the NR holiday season. Currently the only allowed methods of take for this season are muzzleloaders, hand guns and bows. The non resident season runs from December 24th through January 2nd and only antlerless deer...
  16. Fishbonker

    HJR 8 The right to hunt, fish trap and harvest wildlife

    Link to the bill: HJR 8 This would add an amendment to the Constitution of Iowa that guarantees the right of Iowans to hunt, fish, trap and harvest wildlife. The resolution looks very well written to me but I know this was tried a few years ago and it went nowhere. As a reminder, any proposed...
  17. Fishbonker

    HF 290 Casting of dogs

    Link to the bill: HF 290 This is specific to coyote hunters turning their dogs loose on to private property without permission. If found guilty the penalty is a class D felony. As Misskiwi67 noted, the word went out last year that this would be the result if things didn't change. It seems that...
  18. Fishbonker

    HSB 157 Using dogs while fur harvesting

    Link to the bill: HSB 157 This bill requires fur harvesters using dogs to get prior permission from the land owner for their dogs to be on the private property. Introduced today and assigned to a subcommittee. Representative Tom Jeneary, House District 5, parts of Plymouth and Woodbury...
  19. Fishbonker

    HSB 158 Crossbows in late archery season

    Link to the bill: Crossbow This bill would allow the use of a crossbow in the late split of the archery season. Currently the crossbow is allowed as an alternate method of take under a late muzzle loader tag. The change would be that a crossbow could be used with an archery tag. The bill was...
  20. Fishbonker

    HSB 116 Pro gun bill

    Link to the bill: HSB 116 This bill would reduce frivolous law suits against gun and ammunition manufactures and sellers.
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