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Search results

  1. Rjack

    Tree stands for sale - SOLD

    Clearing out stuff I don't use any longer. $20 to $30 each. $220 takes all 10. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/spo/d/windsor-heights-10-hang-on-tree-stands/7369127852.html
  2. Rjack

    TRCP action item on CWD

    You can send a note to Ag Secretary Vilsack asking to stop pen raised deer from being shipping across state lines and push for more effort to study CWD. RMEF CWD test article Click the link for the article and there is a Take Action button at the end.
  3. Rjack

    CWD detection - looks promising

    Saw this from RMEF. Hopefully a field test that can get results in 24 hours and doesn't cost much can be widely available. RMEF CWD test article
  4. Rjack

    View from the stand 2020

    Starting the annual thread. Short evening urban hunt. Only forgot binocs and gloves - not bad for first time out. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. Rjack

    Grandpa's 22

    Sure doesn't fit in the "trophy" category for most, but it was fun for me. Had Friday off so headed out to some public ground and had a little luck on a morning squirrel hunt. Using my Grandfather's gun he passed on to me made it even better. He was born in 1916 and died in 2003. He didn't...
  6. Rjack

    DNR launches Iowa Deer Exchange

    Just passing along. Many lockers are no longer doing HUSH and some are not even doing deer at all. Way too much demand for beef and pork processing for local lockers to stay with HUSH. Here is another option if you find yourself with more deer than you can eat or if you would like to be on a...
  7. Rjack

    Cold morning

    Anyone else out freezing this morning? Slow for me. Some early gobbling, but they were a ways off and must have gone the other way. Any youth success? Friday was nice, but the weekend was pretty rough.
  8. Rjack

    Turkey disease study

    A reminder for all successful turkey hunters. The DNR is asking for assistance in this study by sending in the lower leg of any turkey harvested. https://www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/Turkey-Hunting?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery The link above has a couple videos on the process as well as...
  9. Rjack

    WTB - ATV equipment for food plots

    Made the jump and bought a piece of land. There is a 2 acre food plot already established and I'm looking to gear up for food plotting. Let me know if you have, or know of, any of the following used items for ATV plotting. Rough cut pull behind mower Pull Flip disc Pull Cultipacker ATV...
  10. Rjack

    CWD found in more 4 more Iowa counties

    Chronic wasting disease has been confirmed in wild deer from Woodbury, Winneshiek, Fayette and Decatur counties this year, bringing the total number of counties in Iowa where wild deer have tested positive to eight. “We will schedule meetings in these areas in the next few months to discuss...
  11. Rjack

    DNR reports 2019-2020 deer harvest

    Iowa hunters harvest nearly 95,000 deer from the 2019-20 seasons Hunters reported harvesting nearly 94,000 deer during Iowa’s 2019-2020 hunting seasons, which is a decline from 2018-19, when hunters reported nearly 108,000 deer. Wildlife experts say while there are a number of factors that...
  12. Rjack

    DNR Listening sessions 2020

    Received this email today. Check out a site near you and attend if you can. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jan. 28, 2020 DNR to recap hunting seasons, discuss possible rule changes at public meetings across the state The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hosting a series of town hall-style...
  13. Rjack

    Des Moines cat

    https://www.kcci.com/article/des-moines-police-investigating-mountain-lion-sighting/27417943 Time for an urban cat season? No, Bonker, these are not house cats.
  14. Rjack

    DNR sessions - attend and give your opinions

    Looks to be different than in years past. Not all in the same night. I like this as it should speed up the process as we won't need to hear every store in the state report in multiple times. Join in and give your opinion. DNR to recap hunting seasons, discuss possible rule changes at...
  15. Rjack

    Reminder - buy new hunting licenses

    If you are urban bow hunting, late season hunting in CWD counties or small game hunting make sure to buy your 2019 hunting license soon. That 2018 one is no good on January 11th.
  16. Rjack

    Guess the bucks are still territorial

    I should have waited a few more weeks to put the antlers back on the Glendale target. Someone was not happy with a rival buck in his neighborhood! Still some testosterone flowing... Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  17. Rjack


    Had a short but intense hunt on the 18th and filled my 2nd bow tag. We named this one Beamer a couple years ago. It had more to do with his short tines rather than having really long beams - it just looked like he was all beams. I love this night pic - really showing off his mass. He is...
  18. Rjack

    Big 6 on 11/11

    An all day hunt in the 7th was exciting and frustrating. Saw a dozen different bucks, but only 1 shooter. He came in fast through the first shooting lane, stopped at 12 yards behind brush and turned directly away just as he hit the 2nd shooting lane. Maybe just as well as I found out my...
  19. Rjack

    DNR asking for input on license fee increases

    http://www.iowadnr.gov/hunting?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery Your chance to provide input. Here is my analysis for me based on the increases. Hunt/fish combo - increase 8.00 3 any sex tags - increase of 4.50 each for 13.50 1st doe - no change 6 more doe - increase 2 each for 12.00 2...
  20. Rjack

    3 for 3 for Jacksons

    This was a great 2nd season for me. Hunted with Dakota on Friday and he shot a nice tom. Drew and I nearly doubled on Sunday - but it got hectic and I missed my shot. Drew joined this morning for my last chance. Our intended plan had to be altered when a guy and his son were one minute ahead...
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