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Search results

  1. Daver

    RUP License

    Primarily so I can purchase and apply atrazine, I would like to get my RUP license. Does anyone have any advice or experience on that? TIA
  2. Daver

    Wild west trout action

    Just returned from a trout fishing excursion out west, Oregon, and I had excellent action and caught many true wild stream trout.
  3. Daver

    Lawn fertilizer??

    I have an opportunity here at the home front...I had cleared a small section of overgrown pasture ground near my house and had brought my tractor and tiller back from the farm this summer to work the ground and re-level it, etc. Well...I'll be if it doesn't look like a well tilled food...
  4. Daver

    First cat

    I was sheltering in place today on my pond in a county, as of right now, still without a positive COVID case. I was trying to catch some crappie, I failed at that task, but did collect many nice bluegills and bass...and even my first catfish from the pond. I first stocked fish not quite 3...
  5. Daver

    EHD related question

    I attended one of the DNR input meetings tonight, and was privileged to sit near IW's own world renowned trapper...Fish Bonker, but that is another topic for another time. :) Coming out of that meeting tonight...I would like to get the input from the guys here on this question... Do you think...
  6. Daver

    Grain drill questions

    To those that have knowledge and experience with grain drills...please allow me to pick your brain a little. Food plotting equipment/implements that I have: 1. A 40hp tractor - use it all of the time. 2. A tiller that I have used often in preparing seed beds for various plantings and also...
  7. Daver

    Bag targets?

    I got a new bag target last year and probably shot at it 20-30 times and do not recall ever having any difficulty withdrawing the arrows out of it. It is clear to me that it should only be used with field points. Last night I was shooting at it and 2 of my 4 shots into it resulted in a near...
  8. Daver

    Thistles in new switchgrass stand

    I replanted all of my CRP last year into primarily a switchgrass stand. But this year I am seeing areas of too much thistle. I think I should spray and/or mow to control the thistle, but don't want to hurt the new switch either. What do you guys recommend in this case?
  9. Daver

    4 years ago today...

    we lost a great man. Someone that I still miss often and think about frequently. Paul Knox, Dbltree, passed away after a battle with ALS four years ago today. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to be friends with Paul and his family, and as it relates to food plots, TSI...
  10. Daver

    A little humor for the day...

  11. Daver


    Just a pic I found comical. This little buck seems to be mugging for the camera. :)
  12. Daver

    2 Row planter

    Posting for a friend...if you have any interest in a John Deere 2 row planter, here is one for you to check out. He is asking $2000 and I believe it is located in Iowa County. Thanks for looking.
  13. Daver

    Giant down!

    I am headed west right now, not driving currently :), so I am limited on what I can accomplish. (Just crossed into montana.) But my son mark took down our #1 buck this morning, Haircatcher. He is 5 this year and is pretty solid. :rolleyes: we have both passed him multiple times in the past 3...
  14. Daver

    Wool outerwear?

    I have had the same outerwear for years now, Saddlecloth, but in preparation for a trip to Montana coming up I am thinking of "upping my game" and getting some wool pants, and maybe a jacket too. I am looking at Cabela's Wooltimate Pants I think. Any opinions or advice...except from Wapsi Tree...
  15. Daver

    Posting pics??

    Sorry if I am already supposed to know this...but with the change with Photobucket...what is the best way to post pics on IW now? I ask because I think I will shoot a certain buck next weekend and I will then post some harvest shots. :)
  16. Daver

    How drought hardy is alfalfa?

    I planted alfalfa last year for the first time. I only put in an acre or so, and I planted it about this time last year. Even though the field was new last year, the tender alfalfa was quite popular with the local herd last fall and then again this spring. I mowed it once earlier this spring...
  17. Daver

    Another first!

    Yesterday I posted some pics of the first bobcat that my son caught...I remade the set after the cat catch and was very pleased to find that another predator paid this set a visit last night. I have shot a variety of coyotes over the years, but had never trapped one...until now. The picture...
  18. Daver

    Bobcat gets a, well, a bobcat!

    My son Mark relishes his primary nickname of "Bobcat" and consequently he has been interested in tagging such a cat and then having it mounted, etc. I was able to take a nice bob earlier this season with my bow and that only fueled the fire for Mark to get his first cat. Because we do not live...
  19. Daver

    First time for everything...

    Check out these photos...I have no idea what happened here. Perhaps another deer told a humdinger of a joke and this one did a true ROTFL. :D :D Maybe it was just a clumsy one...who knows. There was nothing significant before or after these two shots that would help explain it either. If it...
  20. Daver

    Not a deer, but I am pretty happy anyway...

    After missing one of these cats a few years back, I was very happy to center punch this one last night. Although it only went about 50 yards after the shot, we had to work to find him this AM. They really blend in well, we had searched past him within 15 feet at least two times. He was wedged...
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