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Search results

  1. Daver

    Late muzzy buck

    Great buck, lots of mass there. Congrats!!
  2. Daver

    11th Hour Buck

    That's a great buck and a memorable story too. Congrats!!
  3. Daver

    RUP License

    LOL...I realize now that I may have asked this same questions previously. As I went online and was going to order the study manual and I thought, "Hey, that looks kind of familiar...". Sure enough...I already have one. So on the bright side...my filing system was solid enough that I found...
  4. Daver

    RUP License

    Primarily so I can purchase and apply atrazine, I would like to get my RUP license. Does anyone have any advice or experience on that? TIA
  5. Daver

    % of bucks shed & thoughts?

    FWIW, I think it looks like he is holding it up off of the ground. I think you can still see the hoof. I shot one much like this a couple of weeks ago. She was limping bad and I decided to take her out, even though it was a small one. The lower leg looked like it had been caught in a fence...
  6. Daver

    2021 Trapline

    Seeing that badger in the snow and cold reminded me of when I got a nice badger a few years back under similar weather conditions. Instead of a conibear, I caught mine in a snare that was set in front of hole going into a little shed on my place. Well I knelt down and cut the snare and set the...
  7. Daver

    Barnes Spitfire MZ bullets

    Not an expert...but I too prefer a good shoulder hit with a muzzy, actually any gun, I think the shock value of that mass of metal hitting a bone, or two, helps seal the deal and quick like. Just an FYI, not a muzzy, but I recently shot a full sized doe with a Legend .350 and I was aiming in...
  8. Daver

    Shed Hunting Question

    I know of no prohibition to take a dog for a walk on public ground, but I would search out a more qualified answer before investing in a dog/training.
  9. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    Hmmm...I have a bunch of hickory. Just saying. :)
  10. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    Will do. For now...I just have the empty 20' shipping container that will be the kiln. My "kiln" will be done though after I apply insulation to the inside of it, install some sort of a sliding track so I can load/unload it with a fork lift from the end and then some fairly simple fans and...
  11. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    Whereabouts? Perhaps we should talk? :) :)
  12. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    My farm, and where I will get some of my trees from, is in Davis County. I live near Iowa City though and the mill, kiln and lumber will for the most part be kept here in Iowa City in one of my shops. I have space pretty well set up here at the shop to perform these operations, but do...
  13. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    My sawmill was ordered about 10 months ago and is "in" now, waiting for me to travel to southern Missouri to get it and receive training on it, etc. I hope to do that in the next couple/few weeks. Then, presto, I will be a logger. :) As I already have some logs here to start out on. I have...
  14. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    I don't think so...but I will find out here in the next couple of months. :) I have a couple of very stout trailers that I intend to make use of and I have a grapple bucket for my tractor. So I think I should be good. The open question is if what I have is suited for the task or not. I think...
  15. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    For real? I would LOVE to get some good cherry. What type of diameter are we talking about here sir? :)
  16. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    Similarly, when I have mowed them down out in the CRP in years past, the roots are pretty well rotted out in about 2-3 years. Untreated cedar will last a good while in the elements...but not nearly long enough under ground for me to use it for fence posts, etc.
  17. Daver

    Logging Cedars

    Hmmm...I have a bunch of cedar that I am thinking of thinning this winter AND I have a brand new sawmill waiting for me to pick up. Perhaps we should talk?? :) Oh...and I am building a kiln out of a 20' shipping container.
  18. Daver

    Hunting product ideas…. Random thought/business??….

    One word...patent. You mentioned that you have a friend that is a patent attorney, I would be sure to stay on his good side. I can tell you from personal experience that the "hunting products industry" is a very incestuous business and there are, or at least there were, companies that will be...
  19. Daver


    Egg-zackly on the chainsaw. Easy to make great improvements quickly with one. But...understand what you are doing first. You can also screw up your timber big time if you don't know your species, etc. A couple of very key things in my mind...and FWIW, I have been working on my place for 20...
  20. Daver

    Grandpa bully buck .

    He looks like a bully, congrats!
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