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Search results

  1. meyeri

    Late muzzy buck

    Nice work!
  2. meyeri

    SURVIVORS!!! Love seeing this….

    Future is looking bright!
  3. meyeri

    11th Hour Buck

    Nice work, way to stick with it.
  4. meyeri

    What an ignorant moron

    Anyone who can't fill doe tags to control the population on their land or claims they can't find willing hunters isn't trying at all. Literally tons of hunters looking for property to hunt that would love to help farmers control their population. Between the already available seasons and...
  5. meyeri

    % of bucks shed & thoughts?

    I followed a buck that shed one side by mid December in 2017, the following year he was a 160 class 10. For some reason his rack was somewhat smaller the year he shed one side in December; I'm assuming injury of some kind. Anyway, he bounced back just fine after shedding one side early. I'm...
  6. meyeri

    Late Season Bow Kill

    Nice work. Those long drags suck, I feel your pain.
  7. meyeri


    I'm with ya, I was one step behind them this year. I stayed out of an area because there were no shooters in there last year and I had nothing big on cam through mid October. Pulled a card from that spot on November 10th and there were three definite shooters in that spot Halloween through...
  8. meyeri


    Congrats, enjoy your own little piece of heaven! I wouldn't worry about being light on liquid assets right now, with almost 7% inflation in November alone, any cash just sitting in the bank is basically losing buying power and value. Good time to buy dirt.
  9. meyeri

    Hunting product ideas…. Random thought/business??….

    Someone please make a quiver that doesn't stick out 4" off the side of your bow and doesn't cost $200. . I have several ideas Skip, as I'm sure every hunter does; they work great in my head, but I've never put em on paper. Gotta watch out though, GSM outdoors will try to buy out your company...
  10. meyeri

    Grandpa bully buck .

    Nice work!
  11. meyeri

    Stop this fighting!!!!!!

    Hate to see that.
  12. meyeri

    Law question- discharge of wounded deer after dark

    My advice, keep calling game wardens, you might get the answer you want. I am usually a stickler for the law, but if an animal is mortally wounded and or cannot get up and move, then I'm gonna do the ethical thing in my mind and deal with the repercussions should they come. LE has more...
  13. meyeri

    When will the Bowmars get what they deserve?

    I follow a lot of hunters, but never cared for Bowmar for some reason. Anybody can mess up once, but when there's a pattern emerging you start to question the ethics and morals.
  14. meyeri

    Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck

    Awesome, the kiddo holds it together better than I do! . Great work!
  15. meyeri

    Murder mystery!

    That's pretty crazy. Wonder how many concussions these bucks suffer over the years, you'd think they suffer some sort of trauma from all the fighting they do. Tough animals!!
  16. meyeri

    11/18 Muzzleloader

    Oh yeah, that mass is sweet! Nice work!
  17. meyeri

    Alex and his Bushmaster

    Awesome! The apple don't fall far from the tree!
  18. meyeri

    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    I hunted over 20 days this year, easily the hardest I've ever hunted and I'd agree almost completely what Sligh stated. Very weird year and mature bucks were very hard to hunt. On 3 different occasions I heard deer coughing, I've heard deer cough in the past, but not as much as this year...
  19. meyeri

    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    Great buck! Sounds like you got yourself an awesome setup moving forward!
  20. meyeri

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    Wow, what a brute! I'd say you have yourself a killing tree!
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