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Search results

  1. meyeri

    Best and worst cheap trail cams.

    I'm curious what you guys have experienced with cheaper trail cams? What brands are good, what brands sucked? I know you get what you pay for; I have expensive trail cams, but since I hunt a lot of public I don't like to risk a $200 camera getting stolen. I don't have cell service in 85...
  2. meyeri

    Med/trauma kits

    Curious if guys carry med kits on them while hunting? Not like a boo boo kit; (bandaids, gauze, cold pack, etc type of kit), but trauma stuff like tourniquets, chest seal, battle dress bandages, etc. I hunt pretty remotely and sometimes that means no cell service. Although I doubt I'll ever...
  3. meyeri

    Made in China vs. Made in USA

    So recently I was optic/rangefinder shopping and it was frustrating to me how basically all rifle scopes, rangefinders and red dots at the entry to mid level price range are made in China, Phillipines or Japan. Even Leupold's products are made elsewhere now, unless you buy the really high end...
  4. meyeri

    How cold is it in Iowa?

    Apparently, cold enough to freeze your tail off if you're this poor squirrel. . Not sure the story is here, but just a tail tells me it was a bad day for this tree rat. Lol
  5. meyeri

    Success rate during different weapon seasons.

    So I've always noticed some guys, myself included, kill almost all of their deer in one specific season. I've never killed a mature buck with a firearm; I do great during the rut with archery tackle, but struggle during late or gun season. On the reverse side I see some guys who consistently...
  6. meyeri

    2020 public land buck

    This is super long, so skip to the end if you don't care for all the details. It started with an encounter on October 30th. I had this buck at 25 yds with no shot. I came back to that spot on November 6th and was setup in my saddle plenty early before daylight. I selected a tree in the dark...
  7. meyeri

    Arrow length compared to draw length?

    What are you guys running for draw length compared to arrow length? For some reason I have been shooting 30" arrows for years. I used to have a 30" draw, but I dropped it down to a 29 or 28" draw, can't remember off the top of my head when or what length. Anyway, I ordered some 100 grain...
  8. meyeri

    Trail cam longevity

    Out of curiosity, how many years do you guys get out of your trail cams? In other words what is the life expectancy? I have a group of cheap coverts that are going downhill fast at about the 5-7 yr mark. They're starting to fail to take pictures, fail to fire up right away and malfunctioning...
  9. meyeri

    2019 archery buck

    2019 will go down as one of the biggest learning seasons for me. My main area in Warren county got wiped, like buck apocalypse wiped. Had 4-5 shooters/would be shooters on cam last year and they all disappeared, doe population took a big hit too. In a place that historically has great age...
  10. meyeri

    Mature bucks and secondary trails

    I was watching an episode of The Hunting Public the other day and they mentioned bucks using secondary trails and setting up for those situations. It got me to thinking that almost all of the mature bucks that I have shot were traveling trails that were not the main highway trails in the area...
  11. meyeri

    Why it's illegal to shoot over state water ways

    So one of the places I hunt borders the raccoon river. I have one stand location specifically, that is very close to the water and across the river is public land. I never paid much attention to across the river, but I got to thinking that during muzzleloader season I should setup so I could...
  12. meyeri

    FOB fletching

    Anybody have experience with these? Seems interesting. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/fob-archery-gear-review-its-just-like-your-normal-fletching-only-better/ Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  13. meyeri

    Trophy room upgrades

    Well, I was getting tired of my basement trophy room being in disarray so my wife and I got to work. She designed an entertainment center and we used mostly reclaimed pallet wood, old barn boards and some 2x4's to build it. (Crooked boards make easy jobs awful by the way!). With limited wall...
  14. meyeri

    Better deer scoring system

    I was listening to a Steven Rinella podcast the other day and he briefly mentioned scoring deer racks by water displacement. I would love to see a better scoring system like that. Mainly I'd love to see that because there are a ton of bucks that have large quantities of antler that don't get...
  15. meyeri

    Go Outdoors Iowa App

    I just downloaded the IA DNR Go Outdoors ap after purchasing my turkey tags. I have to say it's gonna be really handy. You can view your licenses, season dates, regs, check in your harvest, lookup sunset/sunrise times, hunting atlas, etc. Basically a one stop shop for everything they have on...
  16. meyeri

    Velvet buck in January

    Had this buck and a shed buck at 15 yards last night. I had a statewide tag in my pocket, but I had no intentions of using it on this guy. Thought I was seeing things when I first saw him pop up on my trail cam about a month ago. These two came in with a group of 3 does and it's the same...
  17. meyeri

    Doe stuck in fence

    This is a pretty crazy series of trail cam pics. I fear she broke her leg, but at least she escaped. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  18. meyeri

    Western-Big game, do it all rifle?

    Curious as to what caliber and brand of long gun others use for Western game hunting? Looking for a bolt action that can be used for everything from deer to elk. I was thinking about either a 30-06 or .300 win mag and I have been looking at Winchester model 70's, Bergara B-14s, Tikkas and a...
  19. meyeri

    Brother's first Texas buck

    So my brother is the biggest gun enthusiast I know and he recently started getting into hunting. To say that I'm stoked to have a buddy for future hunting trips now is an understatement. He shot a turkey when he was in about 5th grade, but kinda lost interest after that. He was an Army...
  20. meyeri

    November 5th buck

    This buck will be one of my more memorable hunts for sure. I had quite a few trail cam pictures of him from last year and I guessed him at 3 or 4 at the time. He had awesome mass and character and I really hoped he survived till the next year. To my surprise he shed one of his antlers on...
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