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Search results

  1. trper

    Big Bird Down - PICS ADDED

    Hope I scored him right! Ha! Will send picture soon. Bird weighed 28 pounds 12 oz, 1 and 1/4 spurs, and get this 13 and 1/4 inch beard. Biggest bird of my hunting career bow hunting turkeys. Are my figures right Muddy? 90.75 Total. What a great morning. Will post story later. Bow kill.
  2. trper

    Big Bird Down

    What a morning. Took another trooper buddy of mine out to one of the farms and he had his first turkey with a bow at 7:00 a.m. Limb, that pretty boy really is the bomb. My friend Tim had to way lay the bird before he did major damage to my new pretty boy. Tim shot him at 7 yards out of my...
  3. trper

    Another one down - PICS UP

    Killed this bird last Friday. Have just been busy doing so many things haven't had time to post. Hope I can figure out how to post the picture. Bird weighed 24lbs 4oz. 10.5 beard, 1 inch spurs. Hope we have time to fill the other tag. Will have to try later on the photo. Not having much luck.
  4. trper

    Keeping things in perspective

    As we head into this new year and the coming hunting seasons we should all once in a while take a step back and put everything into perspective. As we discuss certain issues on this site that lead us to respond in a passoniate way we need to understand the whole picture on what real importance...
  5. trper

    Watching Out!

    I know this may not have anything to do with hunting but I thought it to be appropriate in wake of the tragedy of the young 11 year old girl who was caught on video walking away from the scene of a car wash with the abductor and her eventual killer. She was either tricked in to going with him...
  6. trper

    Arrow Choice

    Just curious since everyone has there favorite broadhead if there is some concensus on what their favorite arrow shaft might be to go along with their broadheads.
  7. trper

    Hometown hero

    It is with a heavy heart that I ask you all to say a special prayer for some friends of mine who lost their son, Kenny Nally, in Iraq this week. He was a local Iowa boy who worked at the local gas station and wanted to be a police officer. He was a specail kid. I was his mentor and friend...
  8. trper


    I know I haven't posted much lately or replied to very many posts but I do keep up and read on a daily basis what's going on with everybody. I put out this post only because I believe in the power of prayer. I would ask so kindly if those of you out there could say a special prayer for my mom...
  9. trper

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope all you hunters and your familys have a safe a joyous thanksgiving. Plan ahead and take your time getting to your destination. There are alot of people traveling on this particular holiday, so be defensive and please wear your seat belt. Best of the holidays to everyone. By the way I...
  10. trper


    Oh man! I have hunted hard this week. Last night I had the wind taken out of my sails. I thought I would sit in my double bull in an area that I had seen some deer grazing in a bean field about 10 days ago. I set the blind up on a fence line with the wind working in my favor. This is only...
  11. trper

    Muzzleloader question

    I just purchased a new T/C Encore for the late season. Are there any of you out there who shoot the same gun and if so what type of load and specific bullet weight has worked best for you as far as accuracy and distance? 180 grains vs 240? Good hunting!
  12. trper


    I have not been one to start very many topics since I started reading this website almost a year and a half ago but I was just wondering if there are those of you out there that have whitetail obsession. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking hunting, especially whitetails...
  13. trper

    First bow kill

    What a day. Temp in the 90's, wind 30 to 40. Sweating like a hog to get my blind in position. Get inside my blind, take my shirt off to cool off for a few minutes, look to my right and here they come! Frantically putting my shirt back on and face mask just as the gobbler starts strutting...
  14. trper


    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing numerous amouts of bobcats in their respective hunting areas. I have seen four already this year. Just about hit one the other morning while I was out driving around checking out some hunting areas. I have never seen but maybe one bobcat prior to this...
  15. trper

    Food Plots

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