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Search results

  1. Copenhagen Tob

    Last day

    Been playing cat and mouse with the top management 6 yr old , hopefully I pick the right blind this afternoon, good luck to everyone still out there
  2. Copenhagen Tob

    Thermal scope

    In the market for a thermal scope for coyotes, any body have any knowledge or recommendations
  3. Copenhagen Tob

    wicked edge

    Has anyone bought one of the sharpening systems
  4. Copenhagen Tob


    Who's all going , I'll be yanking the kid out of school on Friday and spend the day there, I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys
  5. Copenhagen Tob

    Cyber Monday

    Anybody find any smoking deals on any camera's
  6. Copenhagen Tob

    Organizing pics

    With all these great deals on new tablets, laptop's. What is the best way to transfer and keep these pics, sorry I'm not very sharp on computer technology. As of now I look at pics with a digital camera or an old laptop, then I just save the sd card. I've got a 150 cards cards only 5 cameras...
  7. Copenhagen Tob

    New disc for tight spots

    I always wanted a disc for a skid loader, found a disc on craigslist cut in half then shortened the distance between gangs, welded on backing plate , painted all I have left to do is decals. I'll use it a lot to put in my buck forage oats. Should be able to broadcast oats , disc, then pack in...
  8. Copenhagen Tob

    Handling volunteer corn

    Corn is weed free but full of volunteer, in areas
  9. Copenhagen Tob

    Rescued a gal having a bad day

    Found this little one , she was cut up but walked then trotted away, hope she can heal up before the yotes sniff her out
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