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    Misha got it started.


    Alex's 1st buck

    Congrats! up close and personal hunt- always fun to be apart of.

    Too early for turnip and radish?

    ive had great luck with planting brassicas in both beans and corn just after labor day weekend or the week after. And im more of a early to mid August time frame for planting turnips and radish- rather have a smaller bulb during hunting season

    Novice Wiper Fisherman Needs Your Advice

    When the wind is out of the north right at dusk on the intake side of saylorville can be amazing for stripers/wipers. You will see the bait fish being scattered and throw some top water poppers into the bait---happens quick but can be a great time. Below red rock spillway we used to catch...

    Missouri Snows

    we were near Malta bend Missouri

    Missouri Snows

    had a great weekend friday we shot 60 and saturday was 61 and left early sunday. someone even shot a blue phase rossie

    Iowa Crush Cam

    If the deer can go from one property to the next- its hunting. If someone has the resources to put into their farm to make it enticing for the deer to stay on their farm and become patterned- good on them. I hope im at that level someday.

    Iowa Deer Classic

    Ill be there working my booth and wandering around all weekend - looking forward to it!

    Missouri Snows

    Leaving for central Missouri Thursday and hunting Friday- Sunday. Hoping to time the big push just right- gonna be muddy but nice weather.
  10. BDAHMS

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    is trump a great person- nope. But he is making one hell of a president. Not only draws lines in sand but he digs trenches and when they are crossed, he holds to what he says and punishes those that crossed the line. 401k and investments are performing at insanely good levels- his trade...
  11. BDAHMS

    Stealth Cam

    we have talked on this subject in PM - but just seeing this thread. I am associated through Stealth Cam via a social media page I am apart of - but would certainly give honest feedback on the cameras. I personally am not a fan of the P and Q series- any movement causes issues on picture...
  12. BDAHMS

    Got it done early this year

    Slammer- congrats!
  13. BDAHMS

    Paige's First Buck

    My wife was able to wrap her tag around her first ever buck over the weekend and it was quite the hunt. We set up on the ground in the exact same spot I took the youth hunter out and he harvested his first buck. We weren't horn hunting as Paige was ok using her tag on a big doe, but I was...
  14. BDAHMS

    Olivia makes 3

    nice shot- congrats!!
  15. BDAHMS

    Alex schlocks one

    Congrats to you both! great work!
  16. BDAHMS

    10 year old is ruined for life

    wow- lifetime buck! good for him and for you on getting him out and on that buck. Congrats to you both!
  17. BDAHMS


    It wasnt for any benefit to me- the plot is surrounded by clover/grass that someone cuts for hay and they werent feeling obligated to go around the food plot so when he was cutting hay he just mowed right over the plot as well. But to my surprise it came back quickly!
  18. BDAHMS


    Here is another no till plot I did- sprayed weeds, broadcast before a really good rain and when the plants were about 2" tall I broadcast 19-19-19 before a good rain. These also got mowed off about 3 weeks ago or so by the farmer on accident and thought it ruined the plot- but they grew...
  19. BDAHMS

    Taitn's first hunt is successful

    I have been working with a close friend of mine son on target practice all year as he has never really been around shooting or hunting and has shown interest in going hunting. Well has a hectic schedule for a 12 year old kid, but last night we were able to sneak out for a quick evening sit. I...
  20. BDAHMS


    I had a mild panic attack last week when the farmer cutting hay moved (really short) my entire Brassica mix plot. So I went out to over seed some quick yesterday and to my surprise it has exploded. Him mowing it gave it a jump start somehow.......but either way im pretty happy! here is...
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