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    Paige's First Buck

    My wife was able to wrap her tag around her first ever buck over the weekend and it was quite the hunt. We set up on the ground in the exact same spot I took the youth hunter out and he harvested his first buck. We weren't horn hunting as Paige was ok using her tag on a big doe, but I was...

    Taitn's first hunt is successful

    I have been working with a close friend of mine son on target practice all year as he has never really been around shooting or hunting and has shown interest in going hunting. Well has a hectic schedule for a 12 year old kid, but last night we were able to sneak out for a quick evening sit. I...

    texas alligator gar

    Had a fun trip a few weekends ago down in Texas with Bubba Bedre Garzilla. My friends and I had 3 boats going- caught multiple 100+LB fish and we had one on that was easily pushing the 200lb mark but broke the cable. Had a great time and even talked my old man into joining where he caught his...

    Couple Animals back from taxidermist and up on the wall

    Recently picked up the buck I shot a couple seasons ago that shed his antlers on impact and my Wyoming Pronghorn from the taxidermist. Always like Christmas to get those back. One buck still in progress (was an expensive year at taxidermist)

    tagged out on Iowa Bird #2

    he gobbled up a storm for about 30 minutes straight under 20 yards but was sitting in fence row behind a cedar and couldnt get a shot until he made his move on the decoys. Was a fun hunt- and all done for this season. Lots of Panko Breaded turkey in my future. Also found a good mess of Morels

    Turkey tag punched

    Was able to wrap my tag around a giant of a Tom (easily largest I have ever shot) over the weekend. Spent more time in the truck driving to get to the spot than the hunt itself took. Beautiful Tom, decent spurs, a TON of fat on him which I was surprised with our winter. Didnt have...

    Hunting buddy has arrived

    All 6 Lbs 8 ounces of Avery Jensen Dahms arrived Saturday Morning at 10:19 AM. Both baby and momma are doing great! She doesnt know it yet but there are many adventures in her future in both Iowa and out west

    Future Hit list and few others

    First 2.5 year old ive been excited about for some time- this guy has some great potential with a great frame that is already a 6X5 also a few others that are hanging out with him- all of these bucks were around all deer season and seem to have a fairly small home range and here are a...

    BD year in review (PIC HEAVY)

    I havent posted as much as in years past- and some of these pics have been shared in other threads- but here is the last years worth of adventures ive been on including yesterdays goose hunt. I am sure I missed some- but its going to be Pic heavy (advance warning) spring snow goose hunt...
  10. BDAHMS

    First Antelope

    I was able to go out west and wrap my tag around my first ever antelope. Was a great trip all around! He wasnt with on this trip but but thanks to Josh (TH) as I wouldnt have been anywhere around these speed goats if it wasnt for his help on the area. I spotted this buck with about 15 does...
  11. BDAHMS

    New Hunting Buddy...in the works

    Not sure yet on Boy or girl, but excited to have a future hunting and golf buddy in the works:)
  12. BDAHMS

    Archery Antelope Trip (pic heavy)

    went out west to chase some antelope in the open country with some TBI buddies and TH. Was a fun trip- didnt get an antelope but it wasnt for lack of trying. Also knocked down plenty of prairie dogs. Had a couple good encounters that I prob should have tagged out- the one shot I did take was...
  13. BDAHMS

    BD pic thread

    been slacking on posting photos- here are a few of bucks I have on camera so far- still need to get cameras up at a few spots but its been fun checking the ones I do have up so far.
  14. BDAHMS

    Year in review

    Its a long video- so bare with that. But its fun to go back and see some of the adventures I went on. Cut a lot out of it as well- I think my wife thinks I do too much stuff now:D
  15. BDAHMS

    Fun season so far

    I was able to get my first turkey reaped with a bow last week, and while in street clothes when I wasn't expecting to really hunt. I went to the property to check a trail camera I had set out for security purposes as there had been some thefts at the farmers property, and I always have by bow in...
  16. BDAHMS

    Fun weekend chasing snows

    Went down to Missouri for the second year in a row chasing snow geese- ended with 60ish for the weekend. Not as good as expecting but a great weekend! had a good buddy come with and film it all and take some photos. The drone footage is amazing but dont have any of that done yet.
  17. BDAHMS

    Hit list buck goes down......Shed Buck?!?

    My Brother is in town and we decided despite the crazy temps, we would hunt all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We started the day up by winterset and kind of just wind bumped a property, and I was able to fill my last Madison County muzzy antlerless tag On our way to the property we were...
  18. BDAHMS

    Wifes first ever harvest

    This was an extreme long shot that I would ever have a need to even write this- but my wife (Paige) connected on a mature doe last night on a spot and stalk and was shaking like a leaf. she was super pumped, excited and sad all at the same time. But this once valley girl who hated the idea...
  19. BDAHMS

    BDAHMS hunt log

    Not sure I will post on this log as I have as much in the past years- but here is an update of my trips so far had a great trip out west with TH in wyoming- although we didnt hunt together- we were a few miles apart and helped pack out his elk and had a close encounter with a giant of my own ...
  20. BDAHMS

    MN fun

    Went up north to lake vermilion, didnt catch any giants this year, but I caught a ton of nice pike, bass and walleye. For some reason didnt take any pics of the walleyes, just fried them up:) great weather and fun trip
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