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Search results

  1. Ishi

    Where does it stop?

    The beginning of the end as a great place to hunt mature deer! It will take a few years to see the results but it will happen….
  2. Ishi

    2022 Idaho Bear Success - Two Bears!

    Great adventure! Congrats
  3. Ishi

    Turkey #2 - Tagged Out in Iowa

    Congrats on the turkey! Great write up as well
  4. Ishi

    Turkey population…

    That solves one question!
  5. Ishi

    Walker’s 2022 Turkey Season Thread (Updated 5/13)

    Your new name is the turkey whisperer from here on out!
  6. Ishi

    Land prices / insane!!!

    Ha Ha!! I remember you posting that you’re from Minnesota! You got a lot of hopes up
  7. Ishi

    Deer herd

    And we wonder why legislators want to introduce center fire rifles!?!
  8. Ishi

    Dang Snappers

    I’d be trying to get rid of him!
  9. Ishi

    Son's first bird

    Congrats to the youngster!
  10. Ishi

    Ryder’s First Bird

    Congrats Ryder! Great story and the memories will be the best
  11. Ishi

    High school and middle school archery

    Shoot good and bring home some hardware!
  12. Ishi

    Dried Venison (Deer)

    Yes I have but the turkey was cured in a wet brine for over two weeks. In the wet brine it has regular sugar and brown sugar. Either way it’s cured wet or dry I’d cook it till it reaches safe temps. Cured turkey tastes very much like ham. In the original Let’s Eat!!! thread I had the recipe for...
  13. Ishi

    I fell…..

    Prayers being sent for a full recovery!
  14. Ishi


    Yes hens are evil old bags this time of the year!
  15. Ishi

    Good Friday - Five Beards (35.5”)

    Congrats on the bird! Fun times
  16. Ishi

    N of Iowa City trespasser

    His attire and MO doesn’t fit a shed poacher! All good
  17. Ishi

    And so it begins......again

    No sympathy’s here! Nothing positive happens when outfitters are in your area….. absolutely nothing
  18. Ishi

    Poaching case

    They need time in jail period
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