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Search results

  1. Bucksnbears

    First fawn of the year

    Today. Doe in the road dich. Bout 2 weeks early on average. Cute little bugger. How bout you guys, seen any yet?
  2. Bucksnbears


    This hull today. I remember shooting it an killing a big,old3x3 buck in about 1990. I have a pic somewhere but he was a slob!. Kinda cool to see it laying in the leave. ,
  3. Bucksnbears

    Bad timing

    This could be a disaster. With our rivers at near historic levels, raing hard now and more later this week, I really fear for our deer herd. Fawn drop coming soon and the does will have very few bits of cover to do it. Coyotes are gonna have it easy. Even when the rivers start dropping, it will...
  4. Bucksnbears

    What to plant?

    The trail (1/2 mile) coming into my cabin is just a dirt trail. Gets rutted up bad when real wet. What can I put down that will grow even when driven on. Something that will hopefully get a good sod base. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Bucksnbears

    Real wet here

    Nw mn. Feeling for the farmers/ ranchers here. Not a single field planted and even with ideal weather from here forward, I can't imagine anyone getting in planting within 10 days. Soil is saturated, cold and no big warm up coming soon. How's things down in Iowa?
  6. Bucksnbears

    Giant Sunflowers for rubbing posts

    Seeing IBH post about sunflowers got me thinking. I don't think I've ever shared this little gem before? Quite a few years ago (15)? I planted about 6_8 Giant brand seeds around a garden by my cabin just for fun. They got to be from 9 _12 feet tall and a super heavy stalk. When fall came, the...
  7. Bucksnbears

    New tree stand hanging day.

    Have watched Lotta good bucks go by this big burr oak over the past 30 years. It's right on the very top of the riverbank. Super steep right behind the tree.. Been wanting to put a stand in it for years but would require lots of work getting a ladderstand in there. Very thick...
  8. Bucksnbears

    These kinda things keep me going

    I grew up being a greedy bastard. Still was untill about 15years ago. That all kinda changed when a landowners 13 year old daughter wanted to try for a bear. I was pissed thinking "how dare they" ask me to take her. Well, it was a superb bait and I didn't wanna loose that spot so I guess I (had...
  9. Bucksnbears

    Nasty storm here.

    Well, looks like winter is here. I hang all my hunting gear outside under my deck overhang. Just looked outside and the strong wind has blown snow on everything including filling up my boots. Just don't have it in me get things cleaned up and go sit this morning. Gonna be a morning of...
  10. Bucksnbears

    The "orange army"

    This topic come up every year on various forum. I haven't hunted deer for years with a gun but when I did, I (we) had piles of fun. Let's let the gunners have their fun. Not many get the time or have the devotion to be archery only. We're all hunters. Just because we "bowhunt" don't make us...
  11. Bucksnbears

    Lane clearing

    I seldom sit on field edges or over a food plot. Thick cover tends to my style. Am trimming lanes today for 8_9 stands. Anyone who has done this in prickly ash and buckthorn thickets know how bad it SUCKS! Getting warm out and I'm already sweating. Been wearing a thick jacket and leather gloves...
  12. Bucksnbears

    big Mn buck

    A buddies 16 year old boy shot this yesterday morning during the youth hunt. He's had a few close calls with it while bowhunting but ended up getting it with a rifle.
  13. Bucksnbears

    Shot this fella this morning

    Bout 7 yards semi spot n stalk. More pics and story later. World class fun.
  14. Bucksnbears

    Team 5. Howdy fellas

    :cool: Name is Dave. Nw Mn. I normally don't start hunting till mid-,late oct but I have a sudden hankering ⁴ fresh chops so I'm going in this eve. Going for a doe( or ²):)
  15. Bucksnbears

    Pumpkins/ squash

    I seen mentioned a member posting about a pumpkin plot. I've been planting the in food plot for about 15 years. They have become my number 1 plant, excpecially for late season. If anyone wants to know how I do it, let me know. The past 8- 10 years have been incredible.
  16. Bucksnbears

    Arrow question.

    Ok fellas, I need help/ advise. I got some Hodge podge aroows from a guy who no longer hunts. Some are Maxima blues 250s and some are Easton axis 400s. Both group well at 30 yards but the maximas group 3 inches higher. Gonna needs more arrows before season. I shoot a Switch back and a Hoyt. Both...
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