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Search results

  1. Obsessed

    Sick Buck & Fragile Antlers

    SG Season 1 this past weekend, I harvested a mature 140ish - 150ish 8 point buck on Sunday. He made it back to his feet and I thought, man, I know he had both antlers when I shot him. He staggered a few yards off, only to run into one of our drivers, who finished him off. No signs of prior...
  2. Obsessed

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Short version. Long version to come when time frees up. My oldest son, Vaughn (13), and I had the best hunt of our lives last night. We watched this guy emerge from the timber about 200 yards out and creep across a beanfield toward us for at least 15 minutes before he presented a good broadside...
  3. Obsessed


  4. Obsessed

    Columbus Day - My New Favorite Holiday

  5. Obsessed

    Iowa Fencing Laws

    Looking for input. I have a shared property line fence between my acreage and my neighbor's acreage to the North. None of our shared property line fence has been maintained for years. My neighbor recently rented out the East 1/2 of his property for a cattle pasture. The renter stopped by my...
  6. Obsessed

    Youth Season Progress

    My daughter and I saw a nice buck Saturday evening. Sweated a gallon and gave a pint of blood to the starving mosquitos. Actually glad she didn't harvest 1. It's got to cool down a touch between now and Oct 1st, doesn't it? Anybody else having any luck?
  7. Obsessed

    Stinky Antlers

    I've got one recent European whitetail buck mount (bug cleaned) that stinks horribly bad. The smell isn't the skull either. The odor is emanating from the first 5 or so inches of the antler bases. I shot him in late October, so I was thinking maybe some left over velvet remnants??? I've used...
  8. Obsessed

    Ultimate Predator Stalker Decoy

    Anybody ever use one of these, or anything similar, and if so, what was your experience? https://ultimatepredatorgear.com/product/whitetail-deer-decoy/ https://ultimatepredatorgear.com/product/mule-deer-decoy/ I've been busted enough times spot and stalk hunting that I think something like...
  9. Obsessed

    What Dreams are Made of

    I don't know if anybody else experiences this, but when late summer rolls around and we get even a hint of cool weather, my dreams start being bombarded with imaginary deer hunts. I started having them again last week, when we had a cool / dry snap, and have no doubt they'll stream steadily all...
  10. Obsessed

    Zipline Through the Food Plot

    This is my 1+ acre food plot that I have planted on the hilltop behind my house. A farmer buddy of mine likes venison, so he gives me some of his left over seed and I plant it with a rotary spreader that I pull behind my sons quad. Then I lightly disc it in and hand the reins over to Mother...
  11. Obsessed

    Local Vizsla Breeders

    My families OLD dog recently died. He was a mutt that made for a great pet, but couldn't hunt a lick. I'm interested in doing some research on local (Central Iowa) Vizsla breeders. We already have a spade bitch Vizsla that also makes for a great pet, but is really gun shy. I'm pretty sure she...
  12. Obsessed

    Racks-N-Tracks Taxidermy, Knoxville IA

    I've seen an add on FaceBook from this father and son taxidermist team out of Knoxville, IA (Racks-N-Tracks), offering a full shoulder mount deer for $425. Their pictures posted on FB look like they do pretty good quality, but their Website address isn't active. Has anyone done business with...
  13. Obsessed

    Team #8 Thread

    Team 8 - rutnstrut, Jwest, Swintonator, Obsessed, and Soil I got us on the board last night (10/27/17) with a BIG bodied mature landowner buck. I live on a little less than 12 acres that boarders Des Moines and 2 other cities. I haven't been annexed YET, but with all of the development around...
  14. Obsessed

    3 Iowa Trophies I Harvested in 2016

    http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/75724b66#/75724b66/16 I was truly blessed to harvest 3 Iowa wall hangers last season. This is an article I wrote, and a few pics. I have yet to see a shooter this year, but I'm taking 2 weeks of PTO in November, so I have high expectations. P.S. I'm not an...
  15. Obsessed

    Buying Land with a Self-Directed IRA

    My neighbor approached me about possibly selling his property in the near future. I'm not extremely interested in his house or buildings, but I am interested in 8 acres of rough hillside pasture, that butts directly up against my home property. I believe he would be willing to partition off the...
  16. Obsessed

    Eastern Red Cedar Seedlings

    The Ames, Iowa DNR Nursery doesn't have any Eastern Red Cedars available this year, so I've been shopping around. I can buy 1,000 bare root seedlings from the Chief River Nursery, and have them shipped to me for $662.40. Does anyone else have a better / cheaper source they can recommend? Thanks...
  17. Obsessed

    2016-17 was my Dream Season

    I harvested all three of these trophy bucks in Iowa this past season. I didn't run any cameras and hadn't encountered or seen any pictures of any of these deer prior to harvesting them. I harvested #3 on January 8th, and am honestly still on cloud 9 and still in a state of disbelief! My...
  18. Obsessed

    Establishing thick ground cover in existing TSI woodlands

    I live in Central Iowa and would like some input on plants that have a low attrition rate when planted within existing woodlands that have had extensive TSI performed over the past few years. Undesirable trees have either been rung / girdled or fell and removed completely. The canopy has been...
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