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Search results

  1. jkratz5

    Human Scent

    A lot to consider here. I think that when most guys say they got away with a bad wind they got lucky and 1. The thermals helped the. Out and they don’t really know the wind in that area or 2. the deer were not on alert for some reason (rut crazy, etc) I know I have had deer get me at several...
  2. jkratz5

    Oh snap- IW hats- best hats I’ve ever had!!!!

    Hats are awesome. Can’t wait til they are available I will be getting several. Like them all but if I had to go with just a couple I would go white/grey/black logo and the camo Let us know when they are available!!!
  3. jkratz5

    Turkey population…

    Habitat and predators play a huge role. That being said in some areas it was almost like a light switch and the mature birds, including hens disappeared. Definitely something else going on. The area we go to in Kansas went from flocks of 100s and farms with 20gobblers to flocks of 10 and 1-2...
  4. jkratz5

    Son's first bird

    awesome pics. Great setup you have for that little guy. Bet he had the time of his life!!!
  5. jkratz5

    Ryder’s First Bird

    My son Ryder has been my hunting buddy since he was 4, heading to the turkey blind whenever he could and he was finally able to get behind the gun this year. In previous years we had tried to shoot the gun but he was a little gun shy of the kick and we both agreed that he needed to wait until he...
  6. jkratz5

    Last youth hunt

    Awesome for sure!!! Great bird and Brest work by you 2
  7. jkratz5

    I fell…..

    Sounds like a scary situation and glad to hear you have a good outlook. Work hard on the rehab and get well soon
  8. jkratz5

    Irony of 2 deer…..

    Saw one packing last week when I was out on a walk. About the latest I have ever seen
  9. jkratz5

    And so it begins......again

    I never understand the people that complain about this. You know the rules going in. I know it sucks you can’t hunt but there are plenty of places to buy land and kill big deer. While IA is certainly a great state to hunt I would say there are plenty of states right around it with exceptional...
  10. jkratz5

    Spring thump

    Dang that is a world class fish!!! Congrats
  11. jkratz5

    NWTF Central Iowa Longspurs - Wheelin Turkey Hunt

    Awesome program. If I wasn’t 2 states away I would definitely sign up to help. Appreciate your willingness to get involved!
  12. jkratz5

    Out of US hunts

    I was actually shocked it wasn’t required. Hopefully it remains a choice
  13. jkratz5

    Out of US hunts

    Negative test to get in, you don’t have to have Vac.
  14. jkratz5

    Out of US hunts

    Not hunting but have traveled OUS several times for work in the last year. Biggest pain in the ass is testing requirements to get back to states. You have to have a test to get into the states within 72hrs of entry, so you have to find somewhere to get you a test in another country which sucks...
  15. jkratz5

    Elite Ritual 30 LH

    Good deal for someone for sure. Great bow and setup
  16. jkratz5


    Getting excited too. Been building calls last few weeks with my son. 1st I made, canary wood with a Local sandblasted call surface over a laser etched cherry sound Board. 2nd he built, spalted maple and has the same surface and soundboard. We are getting ready!!!
  17. jkratz5

    Our own worst enemies

    I think it depends too. I see this around our area and have been guilty of it for sure. As I have harvested more deer I try to challenge myself to be better and shoot truly mature deer. If a 175” 4 year old is standing in front of me thou I don’t have that kind of maturity…..yet. I will admit I...
  18. jkratz5

    Mexico Trip #2

    Incredible, that gnarly guy is world class!!! Congrats
  19. jkratz5

    Smokeless muzzleloader

    Can’t imagine things will get stricter, I have watched Indiana go from shotgun and Muzzy seasons to now a full rifle season, it is sad and everyone now Hunts gun season with some series range
  20. jkratz5

    Bro’s buck - video with lil IW addition….

    Awesome again, congrats to the Sligh brothers!!!! The IW plug was right on, that is why I started hanging out here and continue to come. I enjoy seeing the harvest but really enjoy watching the process, learning about ways to improve farms and my hunting strategies. Sight has hands down made...
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