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Search results

  1. jkratz5

    Ryder’s First Bird

    My son Ryder has been my hunting buddy since he was 4, heading to the turkey blind whenever he could and he was finally able to get behind the gun this year. In previous years we had tried to shoot the gun but he was a little gun shy of the kick and we both agreed that he needed to wait until he...
  2. jkratz5


    Not a deer, but this is just impressive https://www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/man-shoots-giant-opossum-minnesota/
  3. jkratz5

    About to be a bunch of Magic happening

    Halloween 2 days away, and rut around the corner. Can’t wait to see guys starting filling this thread up!!! Vacation starts after tomorrow and I will be in the tree until the 16th every day. Hopefully something makes a mistake Good luck everyone!!!
  4. jkratz5

    Anybody seen Brock Purdy

    Wasn’t sure if he ever showed up in Ames today. 6 in a row for the good guys!!!
  5. jkratz5

    Cool Arrow Wrap, tells you if you hit guts

    I am an engineer so always like new gadgets. I have to admit most hunting gadgets are really gimmicky and I rarely say “wow that is actually a good idea” This arrow wrap is pretty cool. If you hit guts, the gut enzymes react with the wrap and Change the color, pretty cool and definitely...
  6. jkratz5

    Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

    Our Illinois farm has become quite the gladiator arena and I am hoping to get some thoughts on why. It has gotten so bad in the last few years that many of our good bucks end up busted up by the rut! I know fighting is part of the game, but I am talking really aggressive fighting from October...
  7. jkratz5

    2020 Indiana Buck

    I had posted my story on the "other" website during the server transfer and wanted to put it here to keep the Harvest Forum rolling. Keep the stories coming fellas, nothing better then coming hear and reading good harvest stories. My 2020 year started slow. Summer cams had only revealed 2...
  8. jkratz5

    Folks I owe Gear too

    There were 3 of you who posted in the Harvest Forum when the new website went live. That website is temporarily down, but I wanted to see if you would PM me here again with your info so I can get the gear shipped. thanks Kratz
  9. jkratz5

    Thinking of you guys!!!

    Saw some pretty wicked storms blew thru east central Iowa. Looks like quite a bit of damage. Hope all of you are doing ok and had minimal damage.
  10. jkratz5

    Couple nice Largies

    Been continuing to fish about every nice night we have. Been a fun learning year on the largemouth, trying new baits and fishing styles. Caught several nice ones last night on a jerk bait, definitely a fun way to fish for them
  11. jkratz5

    Quarantine nightly fishing!!

    Well with the country in chaos it is nice to be able to slip out back on a nightly basis and put a hurtin on some fish. The kiddos and I have been hammering the crappies and best part about is rarely do you catch one under 10" 3 year old - she likes holding them more than catching them Ryder...
  12. jkratz5

    WTB youth 20ga

    Looking for a youth 20 gauge so I can get my little guy behind the trigger on a turkey next season. Let me know what you have and what you are looking to get for it
  13. jkratz5

    Illinois Tundra Buck

    Had a great 4 day hunt on our farm in Illinois. My brother called me Friday 11/8 and said get over here it is “on”. That was all I needed and packed my gear and headed toward the farm. Saturday morning was a little slow, but from that point Forward it was certainly on! For the next 2.5 days it...
  14. jkratz5

    Elite Hunter Snow Camo

    For sale is a sweet looking Elite Hunter Rig. Currently set at 28” and 70lbs. I have used the bow exclusive for hunting and is still in good shape (small nicks on cam paint and shows normal use wear) Loaded if you want with: Tree Limb Premium 5 arrow - snow camo 8” Stokerized Stabilizer - smoke...
  15. jkratz5

    Avian X Turkey Decoys

    Brand new in the box Avian X decoys, all come with bags and motion stake. Breeder Hen - $65 Lay down Hen - $65 Feeder Hen - $65 1/4 strut Jake - $85 1/2 strut Jake - $90 Reaper Jake - $75 Will work a deal if you want multiples Kratz
  16. jkratz5

    Dandy poached

    http://carrollspaper.com/Content/Default/Homepage-Rotating-Articles/Article/Local-hunter-apparently-poached-multiple-deer/-3/449/27108 Sucks to see this.A bunch of people were sucspicious about this buck when the original pics emerged. Sounds like he has a bunch of charges coming
  17. jkratz5

    One down in the PMA thst is worth the $16

    Pics are their, story to follow. It is a dandy typical, that is as much as I disclose
  18. jkratz5

    Indiana Turkey Season

    Well after the 4 days of hunting in Kansas I returned home to chase birds in Indiana. First morning out was an absolute bust on the roost, couldn't believe that one of my best spots literally had no birds sounding off and the closest birds were 2 farms away. I sat it out for 3 hours hoping the...
  19. jkratz5

    2018 Turkey Season

    Once again the 2018 Turkey Season was a blast. Started off with an annual trip to Kansas to chase some Rio Grandes around. The trip started off quick with the crew hitting one of our evening honey holes as soon as we arrived on Weds. evening. As we hit the gravel we saw 3 long beards strutting...
  20. jkratz5

    2017 Indiana Buck Mount

    My archery buck from 2017 came home last week. Wanted something a bit different and it turned out phenomenal. 8900 McKenzie form on a piece of drift wood.
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