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Search results

  1. BriarwoodBottoms

    Cool Pic

  2. BriarwoodBottoms

    Bachelor Group

  3. BriarwoodBottoms

    Old 9

    Don't mind the date. The pic is from this year, didn't take the time to update any of my old captures. This buck is the oldest deer that we know of on the farm. He has shown himself a couple times this year. Couple weeks left to try and get him in bow range.
  4. BriarwoodBottoms

    Big Guy

    Hope he sticks around for another month!
  5. BriarwoodBottoms

    Coyote sequence

  6. BriarwoodBottoms

    Our 2014-15 season

  7. BriarwoodBottoms

    Double Drop

  8. BriarwoodBottoms

    Dinner time

    Just getting around to posting this early season pic
  9. BriarwoodBottoms

    Cool scrape pic

  10. BriarwoodBottoms

    45 is back and healthy

  11. BriarwoodBottoms

    Turned out pretty cool

    Hunting collaboration last few year - http://flipagram.com/f/YQCGD5LQZ3 Threw together some pictures from trail cams, harvest photos of friends and family and some other random stuff.
  12. BriarwoodBottoms

    Closed the deal on Birddog

    On November 14th droptine37 finally let me sit a stand that he had earlier this year taken claim to his spot. No argument from me considering he has been away from the farm for the past decade. I was excited to sit the afternoon even though we typically only hunt this stand in the morning. The...
  13. BriarwoodBottoms

    Buck that surprised us

    We hadn't seen him all of last year and then he surprised us by showing up this year.
  14. BriarwoodBottoms

    Unintended but now highly productive fix

    We ended up planting our corn with one side plugged. Corn ended up producing good size ears so then we decided to broadcast gfr's, purple top and dwarf Essex down the wide rows then roll it. It germinated great and now we should have a pretty kick ass plot of half standing beans and half corn...
  15. BriarwoodBottoms

    Photogenic buck named 45

  16. BriarwoodBottoms

    Best pull so far

  17. BriarwoodBottoms

    Matthews Legacy

    Selling a Matthews Legacy bow. 29 in draw length, up to 70 lbs. Zebra brown and back string, Trophy Ridge Quiver(4 arrow), Trophy Ridge drop away rest, Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, Limbsaver stabilizer, Free Flight trigger style release, 6 Easton 400 Axis slim ST tech arrows, and a crappy bow...
  18. BriarwoodBottoms

    Soybeans no tilled into last years brassicas

    I I planted the gfr, rye, purple top mix last year and used sorghum around it to create a security fence. So this spring went in and no tilled into it all and wow what a difference.
  19. BriarwoodBottoms

    Member playing in the Super Bowl

    Droptine37, former Hawkeye and current Raven has had a great year and the Ravens are on a roll. Thought it would be cool if anyone wanted to wish him luck to go ahead and reply here. He is on the site all the time.
  20. BriarwoodBottoms

    Same buck, Huge Jump

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