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  1. Fishbonker

    HF2560 DNR Appropriations bill, may affect CO's, Park Rangers

    This bill was passed yesterday. There is a section of the bill that calls for a working group to study, well, cutting through the legalese, somebody somewhere wants to transfer state park rangers to the enforcement section of the DNR and all the park rangers would all become COs. I'm not sure...
  2. Fishbonker

    The second funnel, or the "It should be dead" list

    The second funnel was today, that means all policy bills needed to be through one chamber and through a committee of the other chamber to be alive. The bills that SHOULD dead by rule: HF2410 NRLO tags with requirements for minimum land and other stipulations. HF2365 Late season unfilled bow...
  3. Fishbonker


    Subcommittee meeting set for Wednesday 3/2 at 1700. Same subcommittee. Copy and paste of a copy and paste: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] This bill has more lives than six cats. Somebody must really want this to happen. Link to...
  4. Fishbonker

    SF2344 formerly SF2142 Increase NR tags with a twist

    This bill had a fiscal statement today, easy math, an increase of 1500 NR tags would add $954,000.00 to the FWTF. Link to the statement: <Not for sale> I'd like to see a long-term impact statement on what this would do to the FWTF and the residents of Iowa who hunt. Link to the original...
  5. Fishbonker

    HF 2410 formerly HSB610 NRLO tags

    This bill had some action today, there was a fiscal statement filed. The statement made some "assumptions". The first line says they cannot foretell how many more NR tags will be sold, but a few lines later they take a stab at it and estimate this bill, if passed, will cause an increase of 2.6%...
  6. Fishbonker

    HF2400 Untamed livestock on hunting preserves

    I thought this was a dead issue. The version I was following was dead. HSB627 was introduced on 1/28 and a sub meeting was cancelled on 2/1. I didn't see any further action on the bill. What I missed, was the introduction of HSB 700 on 2/10, its sub on 2/14 and the full committee on 2/14 passing...
  7. Fishbonker

    Happy First Funnel Friday

    Today is the end of the 6th week of the legislative session. As such it is the last day a bill remains viable only if it has been through a committee in the corresponding chamber, in other words House bills need to be passed through a House Committee and a Senate bill needed to be passed through...
  8. Fishbonker

    SF 581 Returns from last year

    Here is the bill from last year in its final Senate form after several amendments: Link: <Deep population control> It is now in the House Ways and Means Committee and has been appointed a subcommittee. Representative Charlie McConkey [email protected] Representative Carter...
  9. Fishbonker

    SSB 3139 Would form a study group for establishing adding crossbow instruction in PE and extracurricular activates

    This bill is coming from the Committee on Education. Copy and paste of the bill's explanation: This bill requires the department of education to convene a working group to study the feasibility of integrating crossbow instruction into the physical education curriculum and extracurricular...
  10. Fishbonker

    Land acquisition, the opposing view

    Recently the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation sent out an email to their members regarding the acquisition of land by state and counties. The email was in response the SF 2206 the bill that would fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, but it also speaks volumes to their stance...
  11. Fishbonker

    SSB 3134 Restricts how much the DNR and County Conservation Boards can spend to acquire land

    This bill puts a cap on what the DNR or CCBs can pay for land. Link: <Land acquisition caps> The way I read it, the bill would cap the amount of money the DNR and CCBs could pay per acre of ground. The cap would be a percentage of the asking price for land that is for sale. It varies between...
  12. Fishbonker

    SF 2219 Transferable landowner tags

    This bill would allow a resident landowner who qualifies for a deer tag to offer the tag for sale. Link to the bill: <Transferable tags> I don't remember if this bill came up last year but it has been proposed before. Didn't Kansas try this several years ago and eventually drop the practice?
  13. Fishbonker

    SF 2182 Shooting feral hogs from an aircraft

    This bill would allow feral hogs to be taken, with the property owners permission, from the air. Link to the bill: <Hogs from above>
  14. Fishbonker

    HSB 651 Bow tags good for the late January season

    This would allow the use of an unfilled bow tag in the late antlerless only season. The late seasons are only in counties with 100 unsold tags by a certain date in December. This bill gets around that rule by allowing the use of your unused bow tag. It also allows the use of crossbows under a...
  15. Fishbonker

    SF 2142 Increases NR tags with a twist

    This bill increases NR tags from 6K to 7.5K. The twist is 750 of those tags would go to NRs with no preference points in the draw. The other 750 would be as usual. Another twist in the bill would give hunters killing a doe in a county that is over the population goal a preference point for the...
  16. Fishbonker

    HSB 627 Hunting untamed game livestock

    This bill defines what "untamed game livestock" is and sets rules for hunting preserves on the killing of untamed game livestock. Link: <Don't pet it before you kill it, its untamed>> Untamed livestock includes bison, sheep and pigs as long as they resemble wild bison, sheep and pigs...
  17. Fishbonker

    HF 2118 Protects wolves, black bears and mountain lions

    This bill removes wolves from the list of furbearing animals and makes it illegal to shoot wolves, bears and mountain lions. Link: <HF 2118> Another section of the bill would direct all civil penalties from killing non-game animals into the wildlife trust fund.
  18. Fishbonker

    HF 2121Tax holiday for gun sales

    This bill would suspend sales tax on firearms and ammunition purchased beginning at 1201am on the 4th of July for the following 72 hours. Link: <Tax free gun and ammo sales>
  19. Fishbonker

    SF 2138 non-tungsten .410 for turkeys

    This bill would allow a hunter to use a .410 shotgun with whatever shot you wanted to use to shoot at turkeys. Link to the bill: <leaded option>
  20. Fishbonker

    SSB 3074 A tax/ways and means bill that affects IWILL and the trust fund

    This is a 118 page bill that covers a lot of ground on a lot of different tax topics. I haven't figured out for sure what it actually does to funding the trust, it doesn't appear to be raising the sales tax it may be changing allocations for where the money would go it the sales tax is...
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