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    2021 Trapline

    Figured I would make a thread. Since tagging out early my kids have fallen in love with trapping which has reignited and old passion I had growing up. We started out opening weekend just putting out a few dog proofs for coons and were gonna add to the line when stuff primed up a bit. Ever since...
  2. B

    Halloween Buck

    Someone forgot to tell me, or maybe I forgot to listen how much time kids cut into hunting. This year I was scrambling to check stands after some strong wind, set cams and do all the other stuff that I never had a problem getting done before I had 3 minions taking up my day. I hadn't hunted at...
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    Spring 2021 Trapping

    Decided to throw out some beaver traps because the kids loved trapping in the fall so much. Put them out Friday afternoon and have produced 4 beavers in 3 checks. Had 3 traps out first 2 days and added 2 more yesterday. Theyre having a blast. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Tough One to Top

    November 1st 2020 was a day I will be trying to top in the whitetail woods for a long time. Morning hunt was windy and mainly uneventful. Checked a card and realized I was a day late as a big buck was there the day before. That evening I was supposed to take the wife hunting but she bowed out...
  5. B

    Fall plantings

    Alright so typically I'm not permitted to plant on my private properties. However this year, the cows are coming off of part of the pasture this week and I got the okay to either burn or partially til part of a pasture to plant something. I know nothing about plots as I haven't been allowed...
  6. B

    First of many

    Well this season I decided I would try to get the two oldest on their first spectating hunts. They are 4 and 3. The 4 year old was up first today. It was a little colder than I would have liked but with the recent weather I figured we were in for a good morning. Got in the blind plenty early and...
  7. B

    Kids Bow and Arrow

    Curious if anyone on here has or had any kids that wanted a bow and arrow. Got 2 that have been interested in watching me shoot and have both said they want a bow and arrow. They are going to be 3 and 4 respectively in early January. Not opposed to a toy bow or something actually for shooting a...
  8. B


    What's the deal with Boonerville? Heard some rumors and all of his social media is gone. I know some on here are friends of his.
  9. B

    Ultimate Broadhead test

    Not sure if anyone on here follows Born and Raised Outdoors. They did a 50 something head, broadhead challenge as non-biased and scientific as I have seen. Their videos of them are on YouTube, but some can be sort of boring, but very informative. They did however create a spreadsheet if anyone...
  10. B

    1 down

    Wasnt sure if I was going to be able to get out this season or not. My wife and I welcomed a child on March first and have a 3 and 2 year old so time has been slim, coupled with busy Easter plans and sick kids I didnt think it was going to happen. I got the green light for a Sunday morning hunt...
  11. B

    CWD Podcast

    Not a whole lot of new information but some things I honestly hadn't thought about in reference to the prions being transferred to plants that humans consume. There are many times I wish I could ask this guy a question but I feel I've gained more from this podcast than reading any article. I...
  12. B

    Thumb release/back tension

    Thinking about trying one out. Anyone have any recommendations or places that will let you shoot one?
  13. B

    New Years Surprise

    Warning long post. Had been hunting hard all year with only one mature buck sighting from bow stand, our best scoring mature bucks got harvested during shotgun and the windshield time was showing the majority of deer feeding on the opposite side of the section in a cut corn field. Glassing the...
  14. B

    Broadleaf Arrowhead/Duck Potato

    Thinking way outside the box here but after watching some of the latest The Hunting Public videos they are hunting some public land and the deer are absolutely hammering this plant. It naturally occurred in a marshy area. The area where this was dried up in the fall and allowed the entire plant...
  15. B

    Trail Camera Tactics

    Just as the title states. I'm interested in everyone's trail camera tactics. The guys that own or hunt alot of land or separate properties how many cams per 100 acres? Also what do you do during each season to try to not miss any deer on the property? Corn/mineral during sumner? Scrapes during...
  16. B

    November 13th BuckBuck

    Well this season started off somewhat tough for me. Have had the cameras out since July in all the normal spots to pick up good bucks in their summer ranges and I kept striking out. Pull after pull was filled with young bucks. For the first year in a long time I was going into season without...
  17. B

    Pole saw/Tree trimmer

    Anybody have input and advice on this topic. I ran a forum search and so far it sounds like the Wicked pole saw and the Fiskars ropeless saw both had good reviews. I'm looking in the 150 price range. Silky is out of my range. Also looked at Hooyman. Any new products to consider? And if people...
  18. B

    Morel recipe

    Alright guys the other recipe thread made me think to share this one with morel season finally kicking off. What you'll need is Cream cheese Jalepenos Bacon(cooked and then chopped into little pieces) Shredded cheese Corn flakes Eggs Morels (preferably big greys or yellows) While the...
  19. B

    Mickey/Bunny Boots

    Alright I've read that these boots are the bee's knees as far as warmth. Where does everyone get them? I don't have an army surplus store close and hate buying footwear without trying it on to make sure I get the right fit. Are they really that much better than a tradition pac book? (I don't...
  20. B


    Well I have a couple set ups for a couple deer where I think a decoy could be the trick that seals the deal. What decoy have others used and liked. DSD is out of my price range for number of uses. What are some upsides and downsides to certain brands. Thanks
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