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    Dog runs

    I have some pipe frame cyclone fence dog run panels that I would like to get rid of. Included are 2 - 4'X6' gate panels, 2 - 4'X6' end panels (with doghouse cutouts) and 4 - 12'X6' side panels. Two of the side panels could stand some repair (thanks to a dead elm tree). A little pipe...
  2. H

    Second season bird

    Usually hunt 1st season but rain forcast was a good excuse to try second this year. Was out early Friday AM in a favored spot. Was a little disappointed by the lack of tree talk early as this place usually has lots of that. Only a few faint gobbles that sounded like a half a mile north of me...
  3. H


    First couple days were frustrating. Monday AM had a hen & 3 jakes check out the DS Jake decoy. Heard nothing at all, which seemed strange for a perfectly beautiful morning. Tuesday AM on another farm heard lots of tree talk and even some after fly down. All of the gobbling went the other...
  4. H

    September Salmon in AK

    Late August & September is the time to be in SE Alaska for Silver (Coho) salmon. Just got back from our annual week trip. Four of us on our boat landed 90 silvers (+ 2 kings) in 4 1/2 days fishing. About 3/4 of them were caught casting with spinning rods. What a blast!!! Also caught lots of...
  5. H

    Cautious bird

    Set up on a hay field on a friends farm in Warren County early Starurday morning to the normal cacophony of tree talk that is always present of the place. Problem is most all the birds roost across the fence 1/4 mile on posted ground. Somtimes they stay over there sometimes they wander. There...
  6. H

    SD Black Hills bird

    After a disappointing 1st season in Iowa in which only a few jakes seemed interested in what I was telling them, I headed for the "Hills" for my annual Merriam hunt. Set up on my favorite fenceline between a wooded hillside & a hay field last Friday AM. As the sky started to get lighter the...
  7. H

    Kenosha trip

    Just got back from the Kenosha trip I planned a year ago. Great fishing in spite of a little rough water Saturday. 20 salmon Sat. & 16 more on Sunday. Fished with Randy Lisle (originally an Iowan) who owns both Lucky Lyle & Albatross charters. Great crew and nice big well equipped boats that...
  8. H

    Mythical "space"

    It's a slow time of the year here, so why not discuss a controversial point? :thrwrck: Not really trying to start a fight, just do a little educating. (Can't help myself, it's what I do ;) ) I recently noticed on another thread a few comments about hitting deer with broadheads in the "space...
  9. H

    Flooring question

    We are making plans to put a small addition on the fishing cabin in Minnesota. Going over options for flooring. I like the looks of wood and cosmetically, it will tie into existing floor well but not real keen on spending the extra $$$ for solid wood that will get limited use. Some of the newer...
  10. H

    Free Taxidermy mount for Special Forces

    OK, now I have this pre-paid deer mount that I purchased from Breiner11 to benefit LLS. Good deal for a good cause. Now I want it to do some more good with it. I have a number of family members as well as some very good friends who are or were Special Forces members. In appreciation for what...
  11. H

    Food plot for wet spot

    I've got about 1/4 acre in the middle of a 3 acre prairie grass field that is just too wet for warm season grasses. In a dry year it is fine but may have a couple inches of standing water often in a wet year. I've given up on trying to keep it WSG and who doesn't need another food plot...
  12. H

    Kenosha salmon fishing

    Anticipating booking a Lake Michigan trip out of Kenosha, WI. Haven't fished there in 15 years or so & the captain I used then has retired. If anyone has experiences (good or bad) that they would be willing to share about the charters out of there I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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