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Search results

  1. MadisonB&C

    Kubota RTV

    Dad is selling his Kubota. If anyone needs a work horse for the farm, contact me and I'll get you in touch with him. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1477204082513463?view=permalink&id=2668325933401266&anchor_composer=false&ref=bookmarks
  2. MadisonB&C

    Early muzz and bow

    I guess it's about time to post these! It was a crazy tough year on camera and from the tree, and these 2 were pretty much the best deer I had on camera at the time. Neither is built to score, but I'm grateful there were still a couple mature deer to hunt after the brutal die offs we had before...
  3. MadisonB&C

    Our 2018 season

    Between being limited to early morning hunts and tough turkeys, 2018 was a little tougher than usually, but we still managed to have some success! The first bird down was a family friend. The 2 of us hunted hard on my main farm for 3 days, but super-leery birds and predators had us stymied. We...
  4. MadisonB&C

    Welter seed brassica mix

    Just curious, what has everyone's experience with Welter Seed's big buck brassica mix been? I've got a beautiful one and a quarter acre plot of this in at my place, and I've been just waiting for the deer start pounding it. Across the farm, the deer have destroyed my Daikon radish / Antler King...
  5. MadisonB&C

    Muzzleloading - Pellets to powder

    My wife and I are going to sight in guns this weekend, and I'd like to make the switch from Triple 7 pellets to BH 209. I'm shooting an older Accura V2. I know Google is my friend, but I simply don't have the time to read and research the way I would like to. Does anyone have any tips or advice...
  6. MadisonB&C

    Too Tall at first light!

    My wife and I got out yesterday morning to one of my favorite rut stands. Unbeatable morning spot. We were running just a hair late, and only got up in the tree just at legal shooting light. I spent a moment situating my gear, and when I was done I decided it was just light enough to feel...
  7. MadisonB&C

    Bow swap: 2013 Hoyt Spyder 30

    60 lb limbs with the #2 RKT cams (26-28 inch draw length) Bow is in great shape and has killed a pile of deer, but I never settled into it like the bow I shot prior to this one. Toying with the idea of a bow with a longer axle-axle length. My draw length is 28", so something that's adjustable...
  8. MadisonB&C

    My wife's 1st season success

    I don't do much posting nowadays, but my wife's first deer is an occasion to brag about. :D I already put the story up. Rather than copy and paste, I'll let you guys check it out here. http://bigdeerblog.com/?p=4433
  9. MadisonB&C

    Crossbow help

    My brother had an accident out fencing over the 4th of July weekend, and due to the damage to his hand is incapable of shooting his bow this season. He's written this year off as a loss, but I told him I would put out the call to see if there was anyone with a crossbow that might be willing to...
  10. MadisonB&C

    Bowfishing rig

    Hoyt Havoc set up with an AMS retriever pro combo kit. Got the kit brand new last year and literally only took 2 shots with it. Asking $200. PM if you'd like pictures.
  11. MadisonB&C

    22-250 coyote gun

    Selling my varmint gun. Great accuracy out to 400 yds, never tried it past that. Ruger M77 Mark II (bolt action) Wood laminate stock Stainless barrel Scheels Paragon rifle scope (3x12x42) Blackhawk traverse track bipod Gun is in great shape. Asking $700. I can email pictures to anyone...
  12. MadisonB&C

    Border collie puppies

    My new bride and I just had a litter of 8...7 females and 1 male. And with a baby due any day now, I figure I better use every avenue available to me to get these puppies SOLD. :) So if you or anyone you know is looking, shoot me a PM and we can talk. Asking $600, both parents are ABCA registered.
  13. MadisonB&C

    Lone Wolf sticks

    Got a few extra sticks for sale. I'd like to sell them as a set of either 3 or 4, but if enough people wanted singles I'd split them up. $30/stick, located in the Des Moines area.
  14. MadisonB&C

    Ripped off...advice?

    Got a new (to me) muzzleloader yesterday, shipped from Ohio. Dad actually found the deal and snatched it up for me. It's an older Accura, supposedly very clean and, I quote, "It has a brand new Bergara barrel installed on it and has only been fired about a half dozen times. Very ACCURATE!"...
  15. MadisonB&C

    Catfish combos

    I've got 3 big river rod setups I'm looking to get rid of. If anyone is looking for a setup that could handle any fish your likey to find in Iowa, shoot me an email at [email protected]
  16. MadisonB&C

    ATV tiller

    Suppose it's a long shot, but does anyone know if there's a place in central Iowa that has an atv tiller to rent?
  17. MadisonB&C


    Here's the situation: There is a 1 1/4 acre grass field that I intended to food plot this year. A couple months ago I got it cut down to 4", and a little over a month ago I got it nuked with RoundUp. The problem now is that with all the rain, a creek plugged up and flooded the only access I had...
  18. MadisonB&C

    CVA Optima

    Have a CVA Optima with a Cabela's Powder Horn 4-14x40 for sale, used very little and in good condition. The sling mount on the fore stock broke last winter, and I lost a cap for the scope dial last time I shot...looking for a replacement as we speak. In the Des Moines area, asking $200 for the...
  19. MadisonB&C

    2nd Season Gun Buck

    Had an awesome hunt with dad on Thursday. When we got to the farm at 1:00 and there were already deer out feeding, we had to spend the next hour following the river bottom over a half mile to the other end of the field. It took an hour after that to move through sparse ground cover, avoiding the...
  20. MadisonB&C

    ShurShot stock for sale

    [http://iowawhitetail.com/gallery/files/473-20140405_132417-1.jpg I bought a new 870 supermag last year and the first thing I did was replace the stock. So I've got a never-used ShurShot stock and foregrip that I'm looking to sell... first $60 that can meet in Des Moines can have it.
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