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    Old HS primetime bucks videos?

    Primetime Bucks was the best, grew up watching those, still have all the DVD's. Can't beat Stan Potts excitement after he shot one! lol

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    There used to be a watermelon farmer down the road from my parents, had these little propane cannons that went off continuously to deter pest, they were LOUD, sounded like a gun shot, he only had them a short while, everything, deer, coons, coyotes all became immune to the noise and became...

    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    The last couple years have been a little rough, so it's a understatement to how happy I was everything came together this morning on a new farm. Last year had two mature deer on home farm , one was real regular other was hit and miss but both bucks were great deer. After several close calls and...
  4. image_39084584_19700119_165037.jpg


    2021 Buck
  5. Screenshot_20211023-135444.png


    2021 Target
  6. Screenshot_20211023-140254.png


    2021 Target
  7. Screenshot_20201109-203041.png


    2020 Target
  8. Screenshot_20201107-121607.png


    2020 Target
  9. Screenshot_20211023-135444.png


    2021 Target
  10. Screenshot_20211023-140254.png


    2021 Target
  11. image_36994330_19700119_161404.jpg


    2021 Target
  12. image_38984574_19700119_165024.jpg


    2021 Buck
  13. image_38974573_19700119_165023.jpg


    2021 Buck
  14. 2ccbe0f7-c9f4-4b47-8cda-da3772e41f2c.jpg


    #1 2021 Buck
  15. 2cca0f89-b078-4b7b-b011-cd590f1af797.jpg


    #2 2021 Buck


    I had issues with neighbors dogs last year, I sent them trail camera pictures and sent messages. All three came to rattling horns one morning, I set three coyote leg sets the next day, caught one a couple days later. Foot was pretty bad, made neighbor come get it, they weren't mad, just said...

    Advice after Bad Encounter

    So never laid eyes on him since that encounter. This new farm is really producing some nice deer. I didn't get a great look at him, but the another buck started showing up and I have been trying to get on him, he's been coming through just haven't got hooked up with him. This morning I went back...

    Advice after Bad Encounter

    I know it's not the best set up, really haven't walked it since everything has happened so quick. Just found solid pinch point close to heavy cover. There are better trees but too much trim work to have any type of shot and other trees are to small. Just didn't want to burn the place bad since...

    Advice after Bad Encounter

    Long story short, lost almost all my permission to stuff I hunted for years. Target buck get shot by neighbor, talk to neighbor get a 1000 continuous acres to bowhunt all to myself and is all across the road from my farm. This all happened in last 10 days. Get cameras up, tons of 2 and 3 year...

    My 2 year switchgrass

    I've used Grazon P+D, is a broadleaf killer. If you look at label I believe it is 3 or 4 pints per acre and I think there is an optimum time to kill them, it's on the label though.
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