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Search results

  1. H

    Grass help..

    Sedge grass! Actually not a grass at all. It's a nutsedge (probably yellow nutsedge). It really like wet spots. Clethodim won't touch it. Sedgehammer will kill it in your yard but not sure how the cloverwill stand up to it. Spot spraying with a heavy dose of glyphosate and reseeding the bare...
  2. H

    New to IA, public land Question DSM area

    Can’t beat that for service! Good luck and welcome!
  3. H

    The family that poaches together....

    $780... nowhere near enough!!!
  4. H

    Need help identifying this creature.

    Agree with the challenge bark, just not sure it's a coyote. There's a red fox that walks up & down the shore at our MN cabin making a very similar sound when I'm there with my dog. Eerie!!!
  5. H

    Cool looking doe

    Looks like a bald face paint mule foal by the ears... :rolleyes:
  6. H

    Minnesota Bear

    Don't know much about judging bear but looks like a fat ol melon head! Make a good rug!
  7. H

    Hot Summer= Big Antlers

    FWIW: Adequate rainfall to ensure quality & quantity of forage is the number one factor for antler growth in deer and elk according to the ranchers & outfitters in WY, CO and NM that I have talked to. Good groceries = good growth!
  8. H

    Spotting scopes

    or borrow one from somebody? A lot of them aren't getting used much this time of year...
  9. H

    Spotting scopes

    Sorry, but you're not gonna find a spotting scope worth owning for less than $100!
  10. H

    Summer Buck Tendancies

    If he never returned after getting bumped from a bedding area, he would never get any sleep. You're good!
  11. H

    Summer Buck Tendancies

    One bump... no problem! Good luck with him!
  12. H

    Planting after rain

    I'm guessing it may depend on the dirt you are planting into. If it's sandy you should be good to plant but if it drys with a crust on top after the rain I would be tempted to break that up a little before planting. Good luck!
  13. H

    Lifting box blinds

    The ones I have done involve attaching legs to blind and enlisting 3-4 able bodied helpers to tip it upright. Good luck & be safe!
  14. H

    Rye mix question

    I've done beans on beans a number of times on a couple of plots. Only problems I've encountered is Roundup Ready beans too many years in a row leads to RR ragweed! Switched to Liberty beans and now have Liberty resistant velvetleaf. For food plots, I think you need to keep up with fertilizer...
  15. H

    My Knowledge & Solution quest for Info to combat EHD & TICKS....

    Good program for internal parasites. Not much help for biting midges though.
  16. H

    My Knowledge & Solution quest for Info to combat EHD & TICKS....

    Sadly, I seriously doubt if a little topical ivermectin would have a significant impact on the midges that transmit EHD! If it did, the high dollar deer farms would have figured that out long ago and stopped their EHD losses long ago!
  17. H

    Beans and Brassicas

    Any beans you plant now will be good for "green grazing" this fall but won't set pods and will be of little value late winter. Turnips will still be there. Good luck!
  18. H

    July/Aug/Sept 2018 Trail Cam pic contest

    “Awesomeness”? Glad I’m not judging!!! :rolleyes:
  19. H

    July/Aug/Sept 2018 Trail Cam pic contest

    What criteria will be used to determine “best picture”?
  20. H

    Vehicle GPS recommendations

    It impressed the heck out of me when it told me where I was on Makoop lake 800 miles north of here last week! Did a better job of telling me where I was, and where the lodge was, than my handheld Garmin! Anyone want to buy a Garmin Etrex 20 cheap??? Serious!
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