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Search results

  1. breckhawk

    Ring WIFI Trail cam?

    That was the question that came to my mind a few weeks ago. I have a trail cam about 200 yards from my house that I end up checking way more than I should. I didn't really want a cellular cam plan that I had to pay for so I started looking at wifi trail cams. Came across the Stealth Cam FLX...
  2. breckhawk

    $1 DIY Skull Hooker

    This is just informational. I'm guessing this has already been done but wanted to share. Picked up some corner iron at menards today for 90 cents each. Hit one end with a hammer until it bent in a bit as shown. It should bend right at the bottom hole on one side. Size and SKU of the one to...
  3. breckhawk

    Smokeless ML Project

    Thought it would be fun to share the progress of my smokeless build. Been talking to Luke at ASG and finally decided to bite the bullet. I opted for the rem 700 centerfire re-barrel option. I have built a few AR's and bedded a boyds stock on a rem 700 so i'm not a complete novice...but...
  4. breckhawk

    AR-15 Lowers

    Hey guys, I have tried to sell these on both Gunbroker and Armslist...and after 1 non payer on Gunbroker and 2 no shows on Armslist I figured I would throw them up here at a discount. Would rather one of you guys get a deal than someone else. The catch...I don't want to have to ship. Will...
  5. breckhawk

    Iowa Suppressor Bill

    Anyone know anything about this? Thoughts? Concerns? Last I heard it had passed the Senate vote.
  6. breckhawk

    Spoonbill Snagging

    Anyone heading down to the Osage River to snag spoonies this month? If you have never snagged into one it should be on your bucket list. Cheap trip and one that our family now makes every year. I look forward to it almost as much as deer hunting!:)
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